3 Crafty Badge Reel Designs for This Holiday Season

3 Crafty Badge Reel Designs for This Holiday Season

The holidays bring out the creative side in everyone, from experimenting with new cookie recipes to curating the perfect festive layout for your home. With all your creative juices flowing, now is the best time to channel this energy into making crafty new accessories that you can gift to loved ones (or save for yourself…). Here at Specialist ID, we have the top products to make you ILY your DIY; with our badge reels, you will surely have a product that looks as good as it functions.

Here are some of our favorite ways to rethink our badge reels this holiday season. Take a look!

1. Christmas Tree Badge Reel

If you celebrate Christmas, one of the most tried and true signals of the holiday season is setting up and decorating your Christmas tree. When all the lights flicker off the ornaments, it is impossible not to be filled with holiday spirit. One way to make your own Christmas-inspired accessory is by decorating it to look like a Christmas tree by using our Translucent Badge Reel

This high-quality and durable product serves as the perfect base for your design needs. It features a swivel clip and 34-inch nylon cord rated to withstand 100,000 pulls. It easily attaches to and detaches from any article of clothing. Further, this badge reel provides full 360-degree rotation to view your creation from all angles. There are six base color options, so you have complete creative liberty for all your DIY dreams.




2. Gingerbread House Badge Reel

Nothing screams the holidays quite like making and decorating your own gingerbread house. It is one of the best (and most practiced) traditions of the season! What better way to channel this in your crafting than by creating your own twist on it? A gingerbread house badge reel design is another fantastic way to experiment with our Translucent Badge Reel with Swivel Clip. Search all the available color options to find one that suits your concept, and get ready to begin crafting your own design!









3. Candy Cane Badge Reel

Gingerbread houses aren’t your thing? Try making a candy cane! These candies undeniably signal the start of the holiday season. (Who doesn’t love a peppermint stick in their hot cocoa?) Try taking your own spin on the iconic candy by personalizing a badge reel to match its aesthetic. 

Make your own using our White Carabiner No-Twist Badge Reel! With its 36-inch retractable cord and latch belt clip attachment, this badge reel is an excellent option for anyone wanting substance and style wrapped into one product. It also guarantees your badge holder and ID remaining intact at all times. This will easily attach to all clothing to provide quick and convenient transportation of your essentials while serving as an adorable nod to the holiday season.



Want more holiday crafting inspiration? Head to our website to check out our other badge reels along with lanyards and badge buddies. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest Specialist ID Etsy finds!
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