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Badge Reels For Your Next Company Volunteer Project

With the charitable spirit of the holiday season around us, this time of year is one of the biggest for volunteering projects and outreach programs. Volunteer projects can be a great opportunity for promoting good morale and facilitating coworker bonding, all while showing support for a good cause. 

As you plan your next volunteer project, consider investing in these badge reels from Specialist ID, all licensed to help your project run safely and smoothly.

Carabiner No-Twist Badge Reel 

This carabiner no-twist badge reel is the perfect option for fulfilling all of the basic needs of a quality badge reel. The no-twist technology featured in this product ensures that your attached ID badge always faces forward, so you don’t have to work about properly identifying yourself as you volunteer. This badge reel also comes in five different colors and is rated for up to 100,000 pulls, meaning this stylish badge carabiner is a lasting addition to your volunteer products. 



Retractable Badge Reel With Carabiner And Rotating Belt Clip 

This retractable badge reel includes a rotating belt clip with greater flexibility for your attached products. This badge reel still has a carabiner clip at the top while featuring a belt clip on the back so that you can attach this badge reel to any belt loop, belt, lanyard, or other clothing item of your choice. The option of blue, gray, and black gives you all the variation you need with this no-nonsense product. 


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Carabiner Style Proreel With Card Clip

This carabiner badge reel takes a different approach to secure your ID badges and cards. With the included Proreel component of this product that stretches up to 34 inches, you can rest assured that your badge reel is built to last. The card clip option fits any slot punched ID card—or any of Specialist ID’s badge holders—for a tight grip you can trust for your most valuable identification cards and badges. 


Personalized B-REEL Retractable Badge Reel 

Consider this customizable badge reel to promote even greater camaraderie and team bonding. This design allows you to upload your company logo at the center of this badge reel, directly above any attached ID card, so that your whole team is identifiable individually and together. In addition to being a customizable option, this badge reel does not skimp on any other technology. This product also features a swivel belt clip and a clear vinyl strap attached to a retractable cord with a 28-inch length. 




Pay it forward with these quality products that encourage charitable productivity. Your team will be well equipped and ready to tackle any obstacle at hand with any of these options. Your choice of badge reel will show your support for your employees as they support a good cause! 

For more badge reels and related products, visit the Specialist ID website.

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