Feeling Festive? Here Are 6 Accessories To Prepare You For This Holiday Season

Feeling Festive? Here Are 6 Accessories To Prepare You For This Holiday Season

In these final weeks of the year, make sure your employees and coworkers feel the warmth and appreciation of the holidays by adding some festive touches around the office. It is easy for this final month to drag on, which is why it is so essential to maintain good morale for your employees. Thankfully, Specialist ID is here to help bring all of the holiday cheer to your everyday office supplies. 

Liven up your office this holiday season with these six festive products from Specialist ID. 

1- High Visibility Bright Neon Armband ID Holders 

These high-visibility armbands hold ID cards and badges and come in bright red and green neon colors. In addition to maintaining high visibility and allowing for quick identification, this badge holder can also be adjusted to fit anyone's arm securely and comfortably, making this product the perfect accessory for balancing professionalism and festive fun. 


2- Stethoscope ID Tags 

Do your current stethoscope ID tags allow you to customize your labels completely and change the message at any time? If your answer is no, you should invest in one of Specialist ID’s customizable stethoscope tags. With these ID tags, you can fit your labels to represent any holiday occasion or honor any tradition, making them a festive addition to your stethoscope artillery. 


3- Preprinted Self-Expiring Badge Backpart

The holiday season often brings celebrations and events that require you to have an inventory of visitor management products to work these functions successfully. These badge backparts feature self-expiring technology while coming in various colors for festive expression. And, they come in a box of 1,000! Perfect for any holiday event or visitor celebration, these preprinted badge backparts are a great product to have in stock year-round! 




4- Non-expiring Wristbands

Much like the self-expiring badge backparts featured above, these wristbands are the perfect addition to your office’s visitor management product stock. Unlike the badge backparts, however, these colorful wristbands are non-expiring, meaning they will stick around to track guests for the entire duration of your  event.



5- Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip

Spread the love with this heart badge reel. Everyone can agree that love is at the heart of all festive sentiments, no matter the holiday. With a rotating spring clip and the choice between red, pink, or white colors, this product is as useful as it is festive.




6- Patriotic USA Breakaway 5/8" Lanyard with Lobster Hook 

Celebrate the holiday season while honoring your home and country with this patriotic breakaway lanyard that features white stars against a blue and red background. With its festive colors, this patriotic lanyard comes as the perfect addition to your lanyard stock and welcomes national pride to your place of work. 


With the introduction of these six products around your office building, your employees are sure to feel all of the holiday cheer. These products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what festive products Specialist ID can provide your company this holiday season. 

Check out what other festive products Specialist ID has to offer for the holiday season on the our website!

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