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Ways To Improve Your College Campus Visitation Management

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College campus visits are an excellent way for potential students to get involved on campus and meet new people. However, managing visits can be tricky, especially when the numbers of visitors grow. More and more colleges are looking for new ways to improve their campus visitation management to increase safety and ensure visitors have the best experience possible. 

Luckily, Specialist ID has curated a list that helps colleges keep track of everyone who steps onto their campus, making it easier to identify visitors and guests. Campuses can use our products to provide information, easily differentiate students and visitors, and keep track of when someone's visit time is over. Plus, they also add a touch of professionalism to campus visits. If you're looking for a way to improve your visitation management system, then Specialist ID has the answer. 

1. Keep track of parking

A college campus is a busy environment with many people coming and going all day. Without a system, tracking who is visiting and when can be challenging. This is where parking passes come in handy. Slide your parking ticket card or pass through the top of the badge holder and it will be visible through the windshield from the other side. By requiring visitors to register their vehicles and display a parking pass, it becomes easier to monitor who is on campus and when they are allowed to be there. Plus, knowing who is and should be on campus makes it much faster to identify any suspicious activity or potential threats. Our affordable parking passes provide an effective way to improve your visitation system without breaking the bank. 






2. Use expiring name tags

Self-expiring name tags are a great way to track your college campus visitors. The tags expire after a certain period of time, so you know when someone has been on campus for too long. This helps to improve campus safety and security, so everyone continues to feel comfortable and safe. When you know someone has been on your campus for too long, you can better manage traffic flow and ensure everyone is continuously identified. Our tags have a pre-printed expiration date, so you can be sure that everyone is wearing a tag and is up-to-date. Plus, these name tags are also easy to apply and remove, so there's no need to worry about damage to clothing. Using self-expiring name tags shows that your school is committed to safety and security and that you are willing to go the extra mile to keep your students secure. 








3. Keep a log book

Another great way to keep track of your visitors is to invest in an affordable self-expiring visitor badge and a log book. Low cost and easy to use, these log books come with either 240 self-expiring badges or 480. The badges self-expire after 14-16 hours and the word VOID can be seen boldly and visibly on the front of the badge, so you don't have to worry about guests wandering around the campus after their allotted time. As a result, these log books with automatic expiring badges provide a great way to make it easy for first-time visitors to find their way around. 



4. Make sure your visitors stand out

With so many people to keep up with, it can be hard to differentiate students from visitors. With this visitor lanyard, you can ensure that your guests are easy to spot in a sea of people. Our visitor lanyards come in bold red with the word "visitor" printed in white, making it easy to identify visitors quickly. Additionally, these lanyards come with a safety breakaway feature, allowing visitors to break away from the lanyard if it gets caught or tangled on something. These lanyards also include a swivel hook so guests can attach their ID badges and information tags for easy access on campus. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that lanyards are a must-have accessory for many college campus visitation systems. 










Campus security is a top priority for any university or college, and these tips and products can be essential in keeping your campus and its students safe. Be sure every guest and visitor is easily identifiable and accounted for with the products listed above. If you're looking for more ways to improve your college visitation management, check out our website today, and we can help you find what you need.

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