How To Market Your Company Logo

How To Market Your Company Logo

A strong logo can separate your brand from competitors when marketing your company. In addition, the perfect logo increases brand awareness by symbolizing your company. Although it may sound simplistic, do not underestimate the power of this branding element. Recent statistics show that 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo. In addition, 50% of consumers are more likely to support a brand with a recognized symbol. 

The question is: how can companies effectively market their logos? A good start is creating promotional products for their internal teams and customers. For example, Specialist ID offers a variety of customizable lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels for companies to give their employees to wear on and off the clock. Here are some examples of how these products can increase brand awareness and your logo’s visibility. 

Custom Lanyards 

 Lanyards are a great, everyday item to showcase your company logo on. These products are incredibly versatile and can be used creatively by individuals in all industries. From healthcare workers securing their IDs to mountaineers keeping their tools close, lanyards are standard items in everyday life. Our Custom Lanyards allow brands to design their products with ease. Our online designing tool will enable you to upload your logo design to be directly printed onto the fabric. In addition, you can choose various color and imprint options to keep your company’s branding cohesive. 

Allow your employees to represent your organization in style while keeping their essential belongings safe. Custom Lanyards are also a great gift to give prospects and customers of your company. If you are headed to a corporate event or convention soon, consider giving everyone who visits your booth a free custom lanyard. This will help you make a great first impression. 



Breakaway Lanyard With Custom Slider 

If you’re looking for a different type of lanyard to customize, we recommend our Breakaway Lanyard with Custom Slider. Rather than printing your logo on its fabric, this product allows us to imprint it onto a slider, a plastic medallion used to adjust the tightness of the cord. The custom slider displays custom designs on a ¾’’ printing area. 

These lanyards are professional quality, but they are also heavy-duty. The detachable swivel hook allows individuals to change the end attachments anytime. This is an excellent option for people with particularly active professions. The durable nature of these lanyards will ensure your items stay in place. 





Custom Badge Reels 

Although lanyards are more popular marketing items to promote your logo, Custom Badge Reels can also enhance your professional image. Badge reels can clip onto individuals’ clothes, bags, and keys. They are commonly used by healthcare workers and educators who do not want to carry their credentials around their necks. Instead, they can pull a retractable cord for quick scanning and swiping. 

Custom Badge Reels can be fully personalized with your logo and brand colors. They also come in a variety of shapes and materials. For example, our Custom Heart Shaped Badge Reel is an excellent way for cardiologists or pediatricians to stay on-brand in their workplace. In addition, they are versatile and fun to wear with any ensemble. 






Are you looking to bring your branding to the next level? Then, head to Specialist ID to see the variety of products you can order to showcase your company logo. 

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