How to Customize Your Badge For School or Work

How to Customize Your Badge For School or Work

Having a customized badge is a unique way to express yourself. If your workplace or school campus uses ID badges, you know how important it is to have your credentials on you at all times. Have some fun with it as you explore different ways to customize your badge!

Background Design 

With a classic, clear badge holder, a quick and fun way to dress it up is to add a background! You can cut out a piece of scrap booking paper or print out a design. Trace the badge on the paper and cut out a slit where the hole is. Slip the paper into the badge holder and you will see the design behind your badge! 

Badge Reels

Tired of the basic lanyard? Try out a badge reel. They come in fun shapes and can attach to your clothes, so they won’t hang around your neck. There are also custom printed reels that can feature your company logo or school organization. The clasp for the badge holder extends to easily scan badges is necessary. No more taking your lanyard on and off!

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Custom Printed Lanyards

If lanyards are still your preferred way to hold your badge, a custom printed lanyard can be a great way to differentiate IDs. SPID has silk screen, woven, and other options for a wide variety of colors. There are many types of fabrics to choose from, including an antimicrobial fabric. You can also customize width for thicker lanyards, or add a breakaway clip at the top of the fabric. The metal parts are also available to mix and match! Swivel hooks, clasps, and buckles are popular options. 


If you need your credentials out and away from you while working, consider using an armband badge holder. You can still customize them to your liking by having a background added in the badge holder. Tighten the band around your arm and make sure your ID is facing outward.


The simplest way to customize your badge is to add stickers. You can find them practically anywhere and no one will ever have an ID that looks like yours! If your company or school allows, place some stickers on the outside of your plastic badge holder.  

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Since IDs are an important part of organizations with many people, a bit of flair will add to having an ID be uniquely yours. Different colors, types of badge holders, and additions to the ID all add up to credentials that are one of kind! Visit Specialist ID to get started customizing your badge holders today!

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