How To Customize Your Company's Badge Reel

How To Customize Your Company's Badge Reel

Badge reels are one of the handiest items you can give your staff. These smart tools attach easily to clothing, allowing the wearer to connect necessary ID badges to them, and are simple to access at any time. Better yet? You can customize your badge reels with your company’s signature branding. 

It’s a simple process with Specialist ID, a leader in identification tools and technology. Specialist ID has many size, shape, and design options to help you get just the right look for your business badge reels. 

Why should you personalize your badge reels? Maybe these points will persuade you:

Self Promotion

Customized badge reels are like tiny advertisements for your business. When a staff member wears one outside the office, they’re a walking billboard for your goods and services and let potential customers put a face with a name. That’s free advertising you can’t afford to miss.

Employee Morale

Never underestimate the power of a free employee perk. Sure, gym memberships and free lunches are great, but how about a tool your staff can use every day that represents the place they love to work? A badge reel can be that item for your team and show that you care about providing convenient and efficient accessories to make their jobs easier.

Easy Access

One of the best uses for a badge reel is accessing spaces without the need to fumble in one’s bag or pocket for an ID that doubles as a door key. By giving your staff customized badge reels, you’ll provide them with a surefire way to get in and out of the office hassle-free.

Now that it’s clear why you need customized badge reels, here’s how to do it.

1. Head to Specialist ID

Type in: and then click the tab that says Badge Reels. Here you’ll find a vast inventory of affordable reels in various shapes, sizes and colors. 

2. Search Custom Badge Reels

Type ‘custom badge reels’ into the Specialist ID search bar to trim down your choice to just those that can be personalized. Here you’ll find another wide variety of options:

3. Pick a Style

Specialist ID understands that all businesses have different needs and therefore offers other options so you can find what’s right for your operation. For some companies, that may mean a Personalized B-REEL Retractable Badge Reel. The square shape allows plenty of space for you to upload your logo and the swivel head gives extra ease of access. 

For other businesses, a Customized Non-Magnetic Badge Reel with Plastic Clip might work better. This badge reel is ideal for company’s looking for a very professional choice. The full-color dome on this badge reel looks sleek and the chord length stretches to 34 inches. 

If that’s not doing it for you, consider the Custom Printed Carabiner Badge Reel. Employees who need flexible attachment options will appreciate this design customized with full-color UV print technology.

4. Pick a Color

The colors available will depend on the style you select; however, Specialist ID’s many badge reel choices tend to have a few color options for each. You can add a pop of color with red or blue or let your logo do the talking by sticking with a formal white or black. 

5. Pick a Quantity

The beauty of working with Specialist ID on your custom badge reels is the more you order, the better the price. So it’s worth considering purchasing not just enough to outfit your staff but extra to hand out clients, business partners, and friends. Remember, this is a free promo for your business. Sometimes getting the word out about all you do can be as simple as someone seeing your logo on a badge reel hanging from someone’s belt loop.

6. Upload Your Logo

The final step in perfecting a great custom badge reel is to make sure you have a high res file of your logo for Specialist ID to print it. Simply upload your logo to the badge reel you’ve selected and then don’t sweat it. Because Specialist ID wants the best for you and your business, a real human will review and provide a digital proof for your final approval before production.

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Within 10 to 14 days, depending on the badge reels you’ve selected, you should have your products. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Using Specialist ID can spare the time and frustration of customizing a badge reel on your own. Using Specialist ID’s easy steps, all you need to do is select the option you like, pick your quantity and upload your branding. Within weeks your staff will be sporting their new badge reels, promoting your business, and you'll have saved a bundle in the process.

Ready to start shopping for the best custom badge reels for your company. Head to now.

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