Why Students Should Wear Customized Lanyards

Why Students Should Wear Customized Lanyards

These days, schools are more secure than ever before. However, these changes can make it difficult for students to get around efficiently or make the students feel uncomfortable. One way to keep students safe while also making them feel relaxed is wearing lanyards

While they may not seem like much at first glance, customized lanyards are incredibly useful in schools. Custom lanyards allow faculty and students alike to carry things around without worrying about losing them while making them feel comfortable in a safe learning environment. So what exactly makes these little accessories so worthwhile? 

1. Customized lanyards increase safety measures in schools.

Lanyards help boost safety precautions in many ways. With custom lanyards, you can ensure that your students are easily identifiable and keep track of who is walking the school halls. Customized lanyards also keep students safe during field trips or sporting events because they are easy to spot in a large crowd and the items attached to them stay close at hand and within easy reach should an emergency arise. 

2. Lanyards boost school pride and recognition.

You can also use custom lanyards as an opportunity to improve your school's branding by creating lanyards with logos and mascots. Boosting your school's brand will help create a sense of community within your school and make it more memorable for the students because they will have something special from their time at school. 

3. Lanyards guarantee easy access.  

Students need their IDs to check out a library book and buy a school lunch, along with many other activities. Keeping your ID attached to your custom lanyard and in a badge holder allows you to gain easy access to all the areas you need your ID. Lanyards are easy to access because they lay around your neck, which is a handy place for them and within easy reach. They're also easy to put on and off, so there is no fuss with locks or zippers when you want your ID from your locker or bag. 









4. Reduce the risk of choking with breakaway lanyards.

Breakaway lanyards can be a lifesaver! Lanyards are great for adding extra safety precautions and staying organized, but a standard lanyard can become a hazard for young children. In that case, breakaway lanyards are a great and safe option. If pulled, breakaway lanyards break away from the wearer's neck, reducing the risk of choking, which is especially dangerous for younger students because it's easier for them to get tangled up in a lanyard or pull on it. For easy access students can also attach badge reels to their ID and ensure safety. 











5. Students can express their unique personalities.

Custom lanyards are an excellent way for students to express themselves. Just as they would with their clothing, they can show off their interests by wearing a lanyard that showcases what they love. Not only that, but a custom lanyard is also a way to show off your personality and creativity. For example, if you like bright colors and want to show off your bold style, check out these stylish, neon lanyards—with these exciting colors, you are sure to brighten up anyone's day. 






6. Stay safe from the spread of Covid-19.

The threat of Covid-19 has dwindled in the past few months; however, as students return to the classrooms, the numbers are likely to increase. Students can wear face masks to combat the spread of Covid and other germs, which is a great idea! But if you're hoping to make your school more stylish and efficient with those face masks, check out face mask lanyards. Our durable face mask lanyards are great for students because they are adjustable to fit any size and ensure their masks won't fall at recess or any other dirty surfaces. 









There are many reasons for students to wear customized lanyards, especially regarding protection, accessibility, and organization. Customized lanyards allow students to be easily identified and boost security while providing an easy way to stay organized and access areas and activities where students need to scan their IDs. With all these benefits, it's no wonder why schools choose custom lanyards. Check out our lanyards and more on the Specialist ID website

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