Top 4 Most Essential PPE for the Workplace in 2023

Top 4 Most Essential PPE for the Workplace in 2023

For better or for worse, we spend the majority of our week at work. So of course, you want to make the workplace as comfortable and safe as possible. Finding essential workplace items can be a hassle, especially in regard to personal protective equipment. Additional requirements may still exist in some places due to COVID-19, and we are the company committed to guiding you in the right direction. 

1. Face Mask Convenience

The Face Mask Hanger is essential in 2023 if your companies are still maintaining company policies that require customers and employees to wear a mask. The mask lanyards hanger is 14 1/2" in length that’s a double ended lanyard with J hook clips on each side to attach discretely to your face mask loops for quick and easy access of your face mask. 

This product is convenient for those moments when you want a quick bite or sip from your beverage. The Face Mask Hanger is extremely handy to mask on or mask off while staying attached like a necklace while you run around the office. The safety breakaway clasp snaps apart easily in case of being snagged or pulled.

2. Safety through the use of a Key-Bak Badge Reel

The key-bak has now evolved into many other products. This product can now be used as badge holders and can also protect the individual wearing it. The retractable badge reels intend to use the maximum length needed because the wearer does not have to dwell on unexpected snags. Not only is this safety feature beneficial for the livelihood of industrial workers, but there is an additional benefit of reducing the loss of keys and easy management of them. 


Preventing snagging and loss of keys creates a sense of convenience for the user. If an individual owns a Key-Bak retractable badge reel, the hassle of removing themselves from being attached to machines, trains, and other objects is eliminated. This eliminates the safety hazard and ensures timely arrival when there seems to be a time crunch or late project completion. Prevention of these things makes life more comfortable and less fearful for everyday industrial workers. 

3. Magnets for high-energy workers

The Magnetic Badge Holder is convenient to avoid hanging IDs around the neck or on the belt loop due to one magnet inside the shirt and the other outside. Using a magnetic badge holder rather than one with a lanyard helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to remove, and helps high-energy workers avoid choking from a twisted lanyard or unexpected pull.


 Firefighters and police officers want to avoid lanyards to ensure there are no unsafe snags around their necks. This career involves risking their lives day in and day out and a badge holder is a perfect fit for a stressful job. Adding in additional safety measures is necessary to keep our essential workers safe. 

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4. No twist lanyard to prevent hazard

The Heavy Duty No Twist Breakaway Lanyard specifically among our many other heavy duty breakaway lanyards is an essential for 2022. Preventing hazards is exactly what this lanyard will do; you will have no worry of choking or snags around the neck. This can be used as a lanyard wallet to protect your ID badges as well. 


Find more essential items for 2023

Want to know about more items to help maximzie efficiency when it comes to PPE in the workplace? Specialist ID presents a multitude of items to choose from, directly catered to your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or guidance on what products are best for your workplace environment.

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