4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect For Your Doctor Dad

This Father’s Day, get your dad something he’ll use everyday! Whether he’s on call at the hospital or consulting in his office, we have something that will be great for daily use. Tools can get worn out easily through day-to-day wear and tear. A practical gift like this will be a welcome surprise!

Here are four Father’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for the doctor in your life.

Key Reel 

Having multiple keys on you is necessary if you are going from place to place often and need to access different spaces. Opening doors or storage drawers at any given moment is important to the job. With all the keys you need made easily accessible on your key reel, it’s easy to carry all of them at once and make sure you don’t misplace them. The clip at the back attaches to belts or pockets, and the retractable reel extends 36” so you can open anything without removing the reel. The heavy duty case allows you to hold many keys without having it fall apart. You can trust this tool to keep all your necessary items handy.

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Two Card Badge Holder

A vinyl badge holder protects an ID badge from wear and tear and can be attached to a lanyard. With a two pocket badge holder, you can hold multiple cards in one slim case. This is great for displaying your main credential, like a hospital ID, and also carrying around other cards. When you need to swipe or insert a card, just slide one out from the top to use. To put it back, slide it in so your card won’t get lost or scratched up. 

Badge Reel

A simple and sleek black badge reel is perfect for doctors. It allows their hands to have free movement in front of them while still wearing their ID. This badge reel has a retractable steel reel which is stronger than the usual nylon cord. A heavy duty badge reel like this one is meant to keep up with frequent use and has a reinforced strap clip so the attached badge won’t tear. The reel extends 24” so you can scan or swipe any card while still having the badge reel on you.


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Multi Card Badge Holder and Lanyard

For the doctor that needs up to three cards on them, consider the multi card badge holder and lanyard pack. The rigid card holder protects the cards from chipping or bending and has a mechanism on the back for easy removal. It is attached to a removable clasp so you can take it off whenever convenient. The breakaway lanyard is made of a heavy duty material and has a feature at the back that comes undone when pulled on. This allows the wearer to not have uncomfortable pulling if it gets caught on anything, like a doorknob or machinery. Having this lanyard and badge holder makes it easy to carry multiple cards everyday. This set will keep up with any and every job throughout the day.

At Specialist ID, we are happy to supply you with the essentials your doctor dad might need. Explore all our options today for a great Father’s Day gift! 

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