How Federal Government Workers Can Benefit From Quality Badge Holders

How Federal Government Workers Can Benefit From Quality Badge Holders

Government workers have crucial job positions; they need to ensure proper identification is secure and visible. Their commitment to making sure our country is safe is a serious role, so making sure they have the right tools to guarantee quicker processes is crucial. Here are just a few ways federal government workers can benefit from our badge holders.

Easy Access & Durable

RFID blocking badges have a few vital roles that play into the day-to-day lives of government workers. They are a good idea if you carry an access card to get into your workplace. Most of our RFID badges are made of durable material that guarantees them to be long-lasting to withhold most drops. 


Secure Personal Information

Basic personal information, such as your name and employee ID number, can be compromised and abused through unauthorized scanning of your ID. This can allow a hacker to gain access to your organization’s server and employee-only areas at your work site. With badge holders like these, you and your employees can have peace of mind when it comes to protecting each other's personal information.





Better Tracking

Fuel card holders efficiently control your fuel costs and help you manage your company cars’ gas expenses. Setting up a company car fuel card is an easy way to control these types of expenses. However, a fuel card does more than just help you track your company's money. 

Protection from Fuel Theft

Government jobs already hold sensitive information that needs to be protected; paying with a fuel card ensures that government bank accounts are not hacked. Paying with cash at gas stations can put drivers at risk, and these cards will prevent this and provide an extra layer of protection because you and your drivers will use a unique PIN to make purchases safer. 






Three ID badge holders are convenient for storing up to three ID badges. Many organizations issue multiple credentials to their employees, such as ID cards for access management, fuel cards, and others for payments in the on-site cafeteria. If you are planning to issue multiple cards to your employees, you will need to find a multi-card solution. Choosing a credential three-card badge holder would be ideal in this situation.







Prevent Loss of ID Cards 

When you end up spending time replacing lost cards, you might lose valuable time that could be spent focusing on other precious needs. Providing your employees with plastic or heavy duty badge holders will help eliminate card losses, especially when used with other security ID card accessories. 

When it comes to ID badges, there are a lot of different elements to consider. From the design of the badge itself to how it will be displayed and secured, you have several options to choose from. For extra protection you can add on accessories such as lanyards and badge reels. Spend time browsing our Specialist ID website to find exactly what you need from your ID badge and make sure you select the most convenient option for your workforce.

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