4 Fun Lanyards Your Kids Can Wear Safely

4 Fun Lanyards Your Kids Can Wear Safely

With the holidays quickly approaching, every parent is on the hunt to find the right gift for their child. Searching for something that fits their personality while also ensuring their safety is essential, but with so many options, it can be an overwhelming and nearly impossible feat. A lanyard can be a fantastic stocking stuffer for them to use at school or home: typically, they are available in multiple styles to suit your child’s habits with attractive designs so they can showcase their style. 

Finding the right choice for your kid might take some research. But you’re in luck! Our team here at Specialist ID has curated a key list of lanyard must-haves that prioritize both safety and style for your children:

1. Adjustable Breakaway Lanyard

Looking for a simple lanyard for your child to customize on their own? Try these Adjustable Breakaway Lanyards! They’re the ideal option for kids, as they break away when pulled or snagged, preventing them from injury and harm. The breakaway style is the safest version of these products, making them an excellent option for younger ages. Its cord is adjustable from 24 to 48 inches and allows children of any age or height to enjoy it! Available in nine vibrant colors, you’re sure to find one in their favorite shade!



2. Breakaway Lanyard with Custom Slider

If you’re searching for a more personalized product, these Breakaway Lanyards with Custom Sliders are the ones for you! Like their adjustable counterparts, they include breakaway features to ensure your child's safety. There are four distinct cord colors to choose from, each attached to a swiveling detachable hook for convenience. Further, these breakaway lanyards allow for customization upon ordering; all you have to do is submit your chosen logo or initial, which will be displayed on the front of the product!



3. Polka-Dot Fashion Lanyard

For fun colors and patterns, check out these Cute Polka-Dot Fashion Lanyards! Equipped with a lobster hook and keychain, these lanyards are an extremely versatile product for kids with multiple items they need to keep track of. They are another breakaway option for added safety and are constructed of a silky fabric that is equal parts fashionable and functional. There are many unique colors in this eye-catching polka-dot design, which makes them an excellent choice for any child with a flair for high style. 




4. Chevron-Pattern Fashion Lanyard

Another great product is these Chevron-Pattern Fashion Lanyards. They center on a bold design with an aesthetically pleasing chevron pattern available in four assorted colors. With their safe and secure breakaway design, you can be sure your kids will be safe from any harm from this product. Further, their lobster claw clip easily attaches to most ID badges, making them the perfect product for middle and high school students who need to display identification to enter their school’s campus!








Surprise your kids this holiday season with some of these lanyards or check out our badge reels, and badge holders. They’re products you can trust to leave them smiling while keeping them safe. For more gift inspiration, check out our blog and events collection.
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