5 Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas For Your High School Teachers

When Teacher Appreciation Week rolls around, give your child’s educator something they can use every day! They work hard all year long investing in the next generation. Show your appreciation with five of our best teacher appreciation gifts. 

Vinyl Badge Holder

A vinyl badge holder helps protect IDs from wear and tear. With a protective sleeve, the ink won’t fade as fast and chipping at the ends won’t affect the card. Also, when wearing the ID on a lanyard, the hole on the card tends to break easily. When you slip an ID or other credential into the sleeve, the pre-punched hole can be put through the lanyard clip and be worn all day. This is great for busy teachers who have to use their ID frequently.

Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard

When wearing an ID is mandatory, a high quality lanyard is essential. With a heavy duty breakaway lanyard, you can wear it daily without it getting frayed or ripped apart from the ID. The key ring is detachable so you can separate your keys, ID, or other cards easily. The breakaway feature at the back allows for the lanyard to separate when pulled on. This can be helpful in situations where you get stuck on a doorknob or filing cabinet, where you would normally get pulled with it. There are several color options available that are sure to match your school’s colors!

Recycled, Earth Friendly Lanyard 

For the Science or Environmental Studies teacher in your life, look no further than this recycled lanyard! It is made of recycled PET materials, which are known to have less of an impact on the environment. The no-twist hook at the end holds an ID in place and keeps it facing forward. It also features a breakaway clasp, which prevents uncomfortable pulling for the wearer. 

Rigid Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can be versatile tools for any high school teacher. They can attach them to laptop bags they checkout, or to different storage they have in their classroom. A rigid, clear luggage tag allows frequent use without getting torn up or broken. You can fill in the info on the card and slide it back so it’s shown from the window. There is plenty of blank space on the back, which is great for stickers or adding labels. Match the tags to your school’s colors for some school pride!

Retractable Pen Holder

For the old-school teacher who prefers pen and paper, they are sure to appreciate a retractable pen holder. The rubber cap holds pens or thin markers and is attached to a reel. The carabiner hook at the top can be clipped to lanyard or belt loops and allows you to have a pen on you at all times. With a pen in your pocket, the ink can bleed or it can be uncomfortable to bend down with. This solution keeps a pen within arms reach and be used while still being worn.

Teacher appreciation is a great way to recognize the efforts of high school educators. With these gifts, Specialist ID is honored to help bring joy to your favorite teachers. They have taught their students through ups and downs and deserve to know you are thinking of them.

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