6 Back To School Accessories For Teachers in 2023

6 Back To School Accessories For Teachers in 2023

As back to school season is fast approaching, teachers are gathering all the things they need for a fantastic school year. In 2023, students and teachers will be able to go back to a much less restricted space. With mask mandates ending it is sure to be a busy year ahead. 

Here are 6 back to school accessories for teachers in 2023.

1. Badge Reels

Badge reels are one of those classroom basics you don't think about until you need them. And then you can't live without it. They come in handy for heading back to school after fishing around in your purse of pockets for your ID badge or key. Instead, just clip it to your shirt, and you're good to go. There are all sorts of different badge reels on the market, from basic plastic ones to more elaborate designs with rhinestones and other decorations. There's something for everyone!

2. Breakaway Lanyards

With a breakaway lanyard, the safety clasp in the back comes apart to avoid pulling on your neck. If your lanyard gets caught in a door handle or a chair, the clasp will undo. This saves you from uncomfortable pulling that would result from a regular lanyard. Attach your ID or other credentials to it and have peace of mind knowing your lanyard has a safety feature built into it. 


Also, colored lanyards are a great gift for students! Give them out as prizes or for in-class activities. 

3. Luggage ID Tags

Identify storage in your classroom with luggage tag holder! Repurpose these tags and use them to sort your different items. Whether it is a box of books or lending out a computer in a laptop bag, adding some information to it is a very helpful way to know what’s inside. Having contact info such as your phone number can help a lost item get back in the owner’s hands.

Best of all, they are reusable! Unlike stickers, these tags won’t get worn out. If you want to switch out the information on the paper, slip it out and put a new piece of paper in it.

4. Vinyl Badge Holders

If you’ve had your teacher ID for a while, you’ll notice the front is faded and the edges are chipping away. Before more damage happens, protect your ID with a badge holder. The translucent sleeve safeguards your ID while still being able to perfectly see it. If your school implements a visitor management system, just wave your ID in the sleeve to access authorized areas, like the entrance of supply closets.

5. School Hall Passes

Set up your classroom rules with hall passes! According to your school’s policies, a student who asks to leave the classroom may need a pass to walk in the hallways. With a hall pass pack, you get pre-made lanyards with a variety of purposes in mind. Male and female bathroom passes are different colors so a student can use either one to take with them. Security during the school day is important, and with brightly colored lanyards, any student walking the halls will be seen.

6. Key Reels

Keep all your keys on a single compact ring! With a heavy duty badge reel like the Key-Bak reel, opening your storage locker and other items in your classroom is easy. Attach up to 22 keys on the ring and have all your keys in one place. This tool has an industrial strength polycarbonate case with a clip on the back that attaches to your belt or pants. Reach down and the retractable ring allows you to grab a key without having to remove it. 


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These items will help any teacher start off the school year strong! Visit the Specialist ID website for more essential products to make the 2023 school year the best it can be!

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