5 Gifts to Give Your Musician Friend on the Go

5 Gifts to Give Your Musician Friend on the Go

Musicians are always on the move as they bounce between gigs and meetings with their management team. This can make it difficult for them to keep their essentials together while trying to balance all of their responsibilities. Ensuring that they have a foolproof organizational system in place is crucial to their success in the industry and will help them stay focused on their passion.

Looking for the perfect gift for the musician in your life? We’re here to help! Check out these products that are sure to have them singing your praises:

Vinyl ID Badge Holder

This Vinyl ID Badge Holder is an awesome gift for a musician! It can be used to store their credentials to access different events, extra tickets for friends, or even a guitar pick or backstage pass! This ID badge holder effortlessly attaches to any lanyard or badge reel for maximum convenience and features a top-loading design to ensure that your items stay safe and secure. Even better, its oversized nature allows the storage of many items that would otherwise not fit in an ID badge holder. You can’t go wrong with this product!


Retractable Ratchit Keychain

Check out our Retractable Ratchit Keychain for another gift idea! This keychain is composed of a 48-inch Kevlar cord designed to withstand extreme weight and repeated use. It is a heavy-duty solution for any performer desperate to stay organized. With this product, you can store your keys for all instrument cases, your van or bus, and your dressing room in one convenient and safe place! Just hook the discrete carabiner clip attachment to your clothing, and you’re all set.


Non-Breakaway Lanyard

Another great option is this Non-Breakaway Lanyard. Available in twelve distinct colors, there is an option to suit everyone. Its attached metal-swivel hook connects to your favorite ID badge holder (or one we have recommended) to display information or store important tools. With a non-breakaway braided cord, this lanyard will survive even the toughest gigs; all that blood, sweat, and tears have nothing on this product!

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Luggage Tag Holder

This Luggage Tag Holder is a versatile product that can serve many purposes for the musician in your life! This product can be used as an identification badge when attached to instruments or other valuables that could be misplaced or stolen on the job. Due to its rigid design and bold colors, it will endure the wear and tear of touring life while remaining easily identifiable. rigid-plastic-luggage-tag-holder

Two-Card Badge Holder with Keychain

Our Two-Card Badge Holder with Keychain is the perfect present for anyone in the music industry. This product holds two standard credit or ID cards in a rigid plastic case attached to a keychain hook. Additionally, the design includes a thumbhole for smooth removal of your stored credentials. It is a fantastic way to store and transport important identification for someone constantly on the move: and who better than a musician?

Be sure to look into these products to help your musician friends and family stay on top of their game. For more inspiration, check out our other lanyards, badge reels, and badge holders!
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