4 Items to Support Your Team During Friendship Month

4 Items to Support Your Team During Friendship Month

While most associate February with Valentine’s Day, did you know that February is also International Friendship Month? This month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of friendship and companionship in addition to romantic love.

We’ve all been through some tough times over the past two years, and for many of us, we were able to make it through because of the friends who surrounded us. Through good times and bad, our friends are there to give us support in so many ways. That’s why it is so important to honor and celebrate them this month.

Sometimes, friends are found in unlikely places. Many of us find friends in the workplace, and this is especially true for those in the medical field. With long hours and complex challenges arising every day, nurses and doctors face a unique burden of caring for their patients while ensuring that their coworkers are also doing well throughout their shift. This special bond and sense of teamwork is the perfect environment for making lasting friendships in the workplace.

Here are four items you should give your team members and workplace friends during International Friendship Month.

Armband Badge Holders

Armband Badge Holders are great for people who work in very active, on-the-go environments. This badge holder gives them easy access to their pertinent information at all times, without worrying about their badge holder getting caught in something or getting twisted around their neck. They also provide a visible display of photo identification or other important documents. The velcro armband strap easily adjusts to fit any sized arm, and there are multiple color options for the strap to add a sense of personalization. 

When people work in active environments, they don’t need a lanyard holding them down. This is the perfect gift to protect their belongings, and it is a favorite of anyone working in the medical and law enforcement fields, warehouse employees, and more. 

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Translucent Badge Reel with Swivel Clip 

This badge reel features a swivel clip and vinyl strap clip for easy, everyday use. The rotating spring clip allows for smooth pull in any direction, allowing you to show and access your badge in various ways. 

One of the main perks of this particular badge clip is that it attaches and detaches to and from any garment at any angle and boasts 360-degree rotation. This makes it a particularly great gift for nurses, doctors, and hospital employees. It easily attaches to scrubs, coats, simply your pocket, and more.

This is one of the most popular retractable reels for anyone who has to frequently use their badge to swipe in and out of different environments throughout their day. It pulls easily and quickly retracts, so if you have a friend who works a fast-paced job, this makes the perfect gift. 

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Retractable Badge Reel Pen Holder

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen / Pencil Holder with Carabiner Clip

It’s easy to lose track of your pens as you go throughout your day. This is especially true for doctors, nurses, or anyone working in an environment where they are moving from place to place and having to jot down notes throughout the day.

That’s where the retractable badge reel pen holder comes in handy. Help your friend save time and energy with this pen holder. Its secure carabiner attachment easily fastens to belt loops, pockets, aprons, and more, and the rubber cap easily holds onto the pen to securely hold it in place. They are always sure to have their pen handy when they need it most. 

Facemask Lanyard


People working in the medical or service industries need to keep their facemasks easily accessible at all times. The facemask lanyard is a convenient tool to make sure they always have theirs handy.

While it’s easy to lose your mask, the facemask lanyard cuts down on the possibility of misplacing it throughout your day. This lanyard is 36” in length and rests at the center chest when the mask is not being worn. Give your friend a gift that they’ll use every day with this lanyard.

This month, celebrate your friends in style with one of Specialist ID’s many badge reels, lanyards, and more. A practical gift like this will remind them of your friendship throughout their workday. If you have any questions or want to place a bulk order, go to our Specialist ID website.   

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