First Responder Badge Holder

Top 5 Items To Gift The First Responders in Your Family

First responders serve their communities every day, no matter the circumstance. When a special day comes along, such as a birthday or anniversary, consider gifting them with something they’re sure to use daily. 

Here are the top five items to give to the first responders in your family.

Oversized Armband Badge Holder

An armband badge holder has many useful benefits for first responders. Instead of a traditional lanyard that hangs in front, this armband attaches to your upper arm and stays in place. Having a loose lanyard can cause you to be tangled up and poses a safety hazard. An armband gives you freedom of movement while still wearing an ID or badge. An oversized armband, like the 3x4 size, also allows you to slip in the CDC vaccine record card if you need it for your job. 

Heavy Duty Badge Reel

Having all your keys in one place saves time and makes finding keys simple. With a heavy duty badge reel, you can hold up to 15 keys on a single ring. This leather key reel loops through a belt for a secure hold and easy access. The tan leather gives it a sophisticated touch and is made to be durable for frequent use. There is also a pouch that can store small tools, such as a pair of pliers. The stainless steel retractable chain is 24” in length so it will be able to reach doorknobs and cabinets.

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USA Face Mask Caddy

Give first responders an easy-to-reach place to hang their mask with a mask caddy. Instead of leaving face masks unorganized and not knowing which ones are clean, hanging the masks on a caddy will help differentiate them. This prevents new masks from falling on dirty floors or getting lost. This item can be hung from closet rods or other areas for easy access. The USA flag print adds some patriotic flair to mask-wearing.

Adjustable Mask Lanyard

Another mask related tool is an adjustable mask lanyard! The clips at the ends can be attached to the ear loops of a mask so even when you don’t have a mask on your face, it is still on you at all times. The adjustable sliders can make the lanyard shorter or longer for the perfect fit. This is a convenient tool for times when you can take your mask off, but still need it for later on. 

Neck Wallets

Since first responders are the first ones to assist when the community needs help, they have to be able to get ready fast. With a neck wallet lanyard, they can have all their essentials ready to go at a moment's notice. This adjustable neck wallet can be fit to the best size for whomever is wearing it. The front has a clear sleeve big enough to fit a vaccine card and enough compartments to hold necessary items. The open compartment can hold cash and receipts while the zippered compartment can secure IDs and important materials. 

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At Specialist ID, we are eager to help you find gifts for the first responders in your family, and have plenty of items they can use while on the job. Explore all our PPE resource options today!

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