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5 Must-Have Badge Holder Products You’ll Want In 2023

If the past two years have taught us anything, expect the unexpected. As we enter 2023, Specialist ID knows you want to be prepared for anything. This is why we make quality products built to help you tackle anything the year throws at you.

Check out these five badge holders you’ll want to have at your disposal in 2023.

1. Frosted Vertical Rigid ID Badge Holder with Red Extractor Slide

This rigid ID badge holder will keep your ID cards upright and protected under a tight, frosted plastic shell. With a plastic slot on the back, this badge holder will also attach to any lanyard or standard ID strap clip. The badge holder also features a red extractor slider for easy and quick removal of your ID card. With this product, your ID card will be protected and accessible for any task at hand. 



2. SkimSAFE FIPS 201 RFID Blocking 2-Card ID Holder 

If you are concerned about protecting your ID card from unauthorized scanning, this RFID badge holder was made for you. The protective design allows you to hold up to two ID cards at once, all while safeguarding your cards from the view or records of any unauthorized personnel. This product also features a standard ID card slot punched at the top of the badge holder so that it can be easily affixed to any lanyard, badge reel, or other badge product. 

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3. Clear Soft Horizontal Fuel Card or ID Badge Holder w/ Zipper Closure & Key Ring 

This clear, soft horizontal ID badge holder is the perfect fit for anyone who desires quick and safe access to up to three ID card-sized items. With a zipper closure and key ring, your badge holder will keep your valuables secure and attach to just about anything on your person. This is a durable option that easily fits into any pocket for increased security and access. 


4. Witz ID Locker Clear Waterproof Badge Holder 

This waterproof badge holder is a great product for keeping your ID cards and items safe and secure as you take on the elements. For those that work outdoors or in weathering conditions, this product will keep your mind at ease and your valuables protected. With an included lanyard, this product remains on your person for easy access. 




5. 3 Pocket Credential Neck Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard 

Another great lanyard featured option is this lanyard wallet that is adjustable and organized. With various pockets and compartments, all of your ID cards, badges, and valuable items will be kept securely under your nose for added protection. Made of vinyl, this product is durable and strong enough to keep your items safe and your mind on more important things. 


With these five products, your employees are sure to increase productivity and gain confidence as they enter the new year. We don’t know what 2023 will bring, but we know Specialist ID will be there for all of your product needs. 

Check out additional products you will want in 2023 at the Specialist ID website. 

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