3 Products Every Concert Venue Needs

3 Products Every Concert Venue Needs

Get ready to rock! If you run a concert venue, we've got something exciting to share with you today. What if we told you that the rockin' experience doesn't have to end when the final song fades? That's right; we're here to introduce you to a world of concert merchandise that will have your guests wanting more!

We'll take you on a backstage tour of all our must-have products for concert venues to sell to their fans. From lanyards that won't quit during epic mosh pits to badge holders that keep those precious tickets safe and secure and even trendy wrist coils that add flair to any rockstar's ensemble— we've got it all. Discover the concert merchandise game-changers that will have your customers screaming "encore!" in no time. Check out our favorites:

1. Event Lanyard

Looking to upgrade your guest experience? We've got just the thing for you! Check out our event lanyard. These lanyards are designed to make life easier for both your staff and guests. With a twist-free, 2-hook design, they ensure hassle-free access and secure attachment of tickets or passes. No more fumbling or accidental detaching during an epic headbanging session! Our lanyards are made with premium materials, ensuring durability and comfort for prolonged wear. Plus, they come in vibrant colors that add a touch of excitement to any event. Don’t settle for ordinary lanyards— upgrade to this ticket holder and take your concerts to the next level of convenience and style.



2. Standard-Size Ticket Holder

We've got something that will rock your ticketing game! Introducing our standard-size ticket holder. Say goodbye to flimsy paper tickets that get lost in the mosh pit. Our ticket holder keeps those precious passes safe and secure, ensuring a seamless entry experience for your rockstar guests. This product is made with durable materials and is built to withstand the wildest crowds and survive countless concerts. Its transparent design allows for easy ticket scanning, saving time and avoiding frustrating bottlenecks at the entrance. Plus, it's conveniently sized to fit standard Ticketmaster tickets perfectly. Why settle for average when you can give your concert-goers an unforgettable experience from the moment they step foot inside your venue? Upgrade to our ticket holder and make your ticketing process rock harder than ever before.







3. Wrist Coil Keychain

If you want another game-changer for your guest experience, you need our wrist coil keychain. This funky accessory is perfect for keeping tickets, passes, and backstage access right at your guests' fingertips— literally! Its stretchy and comfortable coil design securely wraps around wrists of all sizes, ensuring a hands-free and worry-free concert experience. No more juggling tickets or digging through pockets to find that golden pass! This product adds a touch of style and convenience, allowing for easy attachment and quick access to essential concert credentials. Don’t settle for boring old ticket holders and amp up the excitement with our trendy Wrist Coil. Your guests will thank you for it!







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