What is a Vaccination Cardholder? How Owning the all-new Cardholder Can Change Your Life

What is a Vaccination Cardholder? How Owning the all-new Cardholder Can Change Your Life

Our world is ever-changing for the good and sometimes for the worse. In 2021, we want to fight COVID-19 and not let it control us. The COVID-19 vaccination will hopefully move us towards a normal society and economy again. 

This vaccination will soon be a requirement for students and employees alike. There will be necessary credentials to verify proof of the vaccination. Specialist ID is here to provide you with the new need to present health records quickly and easily. 

Health Immunization Card Holder Maintain CDC Requirements

These health immunization badge holders are four inches wide and three inches high. They are perfect for keeping your ID credentials visible and readily available. You can hold your health immunization card, vaccination card, standard ID and more in one convenient compartment

There is a thick vinyl and textured back to make it seamless to slip your pass in from the top of the card holder, keeping it in place and protected. There are slot and chain holes provided for you to attach the large badge holder to a lanyard, badge reel, or clip.

COVID-19 and the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine has created a need for securing records. More and more people are being accepted to receive the vaccine based on occupation, student involvement, age group, and more. This card holder is an essential part of a new era that will require the COVID-19 vaccination in public schools, workplaces, and possibly for travel.

Vaccination Cardholders Are Beneficial in Schools

This clear vinyl horizontal vaccination record card holder is lightweight, sturdy, and has slot and chain holes to attach a lanyard, badge reel, or clip to. This badge holder is great for holding your 4x3 inch, or smaller, CDC issued vaccination card. But it doesn’t stop there. Students and staff can also fit their school ID, hall pass, locker key and more in their spacious vaccination card holder.

The convenient slot and chain holes allow you to attach to your school lanyard. Teachers and staff can even attach their vaccination card holder to a custom badge reel or jazzed up necklace. The economical ID holder is perfect for group gathering, staff meetings, and students or volunteers at school events to secure and display their credentials over clothing with the ability to scan through any scanner reader.

Get Your Own Today

Visit Specialist ID’s website to purchase your own vaccination card holder. Presenting your health record with ease is a pivotal next step in the process of combatting COVID-19... Walking into a building with a seamless check will help us create a sense of normalcy. We are here to help provide all your wants and needs!

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