3 Products to Make Your 9-To-5 Day More Efficient

3 Products to Make Your 9-To-5 Day More Efficient

As we prepare to ring in the new year in just over a month, now is the perfect time to revisit our old habits in the workplace to see where we can improve. Efficiency is a number one priority for any good employee, so it is key to find ways to maximize your time and productivity. With the assistance of some top tools, you can revamp your habits and will see yourself rising above your competition to excel in the office. 

But where to start looking for these lifesaving products? Here at SpecialistID, we have everything you need to bring your routine from drab to fab. Take a look at our top picks:

1. Badge Reel with Belt Clip

Badge reels are fantastic tools to increase your productivity. They are a reliable alternative to standard keyrings and an essential piece of equipment for employees in various industries. They make transporting your work essentials, like keys or ID badges, easy; safely secured to your clothing, your items will be ready whenever you need them.

This Badge Reel with Belt Clip is great for anyone looking to increase their efficiency. This badge reel is a game changer, between the attached belt clip and seven bright colors to choose from. Its nylon cord extends 34 inches, is rated to withstand 100,000 pulls, and self-retracts when you are done using it. So you can count on this product to last the long haul.



2. Lanyard Badge Reel Combo

We’re sure you love badge reels as much as us now, but there is only one way to make them better: adding a lanyard! Lanyards provide similar convenience in design but with a bit more real estate for any attached credentials. Because they secure around your neck, you can access your items faster than with a badge reel, and who doesn’t love saving time?

Our Lanyard Badge Reel Combo has it all. It combines our breakaway lanyard model with our standard badge reel to create the dream team of productivity. With this, you do not need to remove your ID badge from your neck to gain swipe access. Instead, you just pull on the 34-inch retractable cord to swipe, and the badge reel will snap back into place when you're done. No one can go without it!


3. Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder

Badge holders are another excellent way to promote efficiency in the office. Any job that requires you to present identification upon entry or throughout the day can benefit from this product. They carry and protect your credentials wherever you go and take the trouble out of ID verification. 

Don’t go without this Vinyl Vertical Badge Holder. This clear vinyl sleeve encloses your small-scale documents while keeping them handy. It is resealable and zips shut, so there is no need to worry about losing anything while you are on the go. Additionally, it is water-resistant and heavy-duty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe from harm. 

With these products, you’re sure to step up your productivity at work in 2023. For more inspiration, check out our curated corporate collection, as well as our other products such as badge buddies and lanyards!

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