3 Durable Products For Factory Workers

3 Durable Products For Factory Workers

Factory workers have a tough job—it can be physically and emotionally demanding. That's why it's crucial to have tools and products that make the job easier. Having the right tools ensures that your work day flows efficiently, enhances workplace safety, and keeps employees safe. If you’re looking for new everyday products to wear in your workplace, here are three durable products that every factory worker should consider using. 

Each product is designed to make the workday a little easier and help you stay safe. So, if you're looking for new tools to help you power through your day, check out these three products from Specialist ID!

1. Premium Top Load ID Badge Holder 

Wearing a badge holder while on the job is a great way to stay safe and protect your ID badge. A top load ID badge holder is a premium option that is both lightweight and durable. You can easily remove your card loads from the top by sliding them out with the thumb slot provided. A built-in holding slot lets you attach your favorite lanyard or badge reel. Wearing a ID badge holder helps keep your badge from being damaged or lost and makes it easy to present it when needed. Whether working in a factory or another business, wearing a badge holder is a smart way to stay safe and organized.




2. Breakaway Lanyard With Detachable Swivel Hook

Lanyards are a great way to keep track of your belongings, and a breakaway lanyard with a detachable swivel hook is an even better way to keep track of your belongings! The soft and durable material is comfortable to wear all day, and the safety breakaway feature prevents choking. The detachable swivel hook allows quick separation to use attached items before re-attaching back to the lanyard. This is especially useful for factory workers who need to use their attached items frequently. The round slider would be a great promo opportunity for your logo/brand. So why not give your customers a breakaway lanyard with a detachable swivel hook they can use daily?







3. Key Back Super-Duty Key Reel With Belt Clip 

Factory workers have a lot on their hands. They're responsible for ensuring that products are manufactured correctly and efficiently. And to do their job well, they need quick and easy access to the tools they need. That's where this key-bak super duty key reel with belt clip comes in. This reel is designed to hold up to 15 keys, making it ideal for workers who need to keep track of a large number of keys. The key reel also features a heavy-duty cord and a simple locking mechanism, making it perfect for hanging heavier objects that wouldn't usually fit on a badge reel. So if you're looking for a way to help your factory workers be more productive, consider investing in a key-bak super duty key reel with belt clip. You won't be disappointed.









Durable products are necessary for the workplace, and we’re proud to offer some of the best options on the market. If you're looking for a reliable way to increase productivity in your factory, consider investing in one of our premium ID badge holders, breakaway lanyards, or heavy-duty key reels. All of these products are designed with safety and protection in mind, so you can rest assured that your employees are safe and accounted for while on the job. Visit Specialist ID today to learn more about each product and order yours!
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