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5 Products To Use To Upgrade The Schools Security In 2023

When it comes to school security, visitor management is a top priority. Faculty should always know who passes through school grounds, whether that person is a student’s family member or a contractor visiting for work. 

Guidelines for students and staff, such as carrying IDs, access cards, and hall passes, can also improve security and organization. For the 2022 school year, bring in some new items to keep your school safe. Here are five effective products that schools can use to upgrade security.

1. Neon-Colored Lanyards

To encourage kids to wear their lanyards throughout the school day, consider using bright neon lanyards. These fun, breakaway lanyards come in many colors, enabling students to show off their favorite color. They also increase visibility because they stand out when attached to uniforms and school clothes. The breakaway feature at the back releases when the lanyard is pulled on, so the wearer doesn’t get caught on doorknobs or furniture. Attach the ID to the clasp at the bottom for display.

2. Assorted Hall Passes

For students traversing hallways during class periods, schools can require teachers to assign a hall pass. This allows school administrators and staff to know which students are allowed outside the classroom. An easy way to set up your hall pass system is with an assorted hall pass lanyard set with several passes for different purposes, including the restroom, nurse’s office, and library. Students can wear one of the lanyards while outside their class period, and teachers or administrators can verify the student’s destination to ensure they reach the location in a timely fashion.



3. Adhesive Visitor Badge

A visitor pass allows faculty to quickly identify visitors such as speakers and contractors. With our adhesive visitor badge, the word “Visitor” stands out in bold red font to indicate those who are not staff. Administrators can also write the visitor’s name or other information on the front and let them stick the label to their shirt. Faculty can direct unidentified visitors on school grounds to the front office to get their visitor badge, which ensures that all visitors are authorized to be on campus.

4. Visitor Badge and Log Book

If your school receives visitors often, consider a visitor log book to keep better track of everyone. The book includes self-stick visitor badges. Like the ones mentioned above, these adhesive badges also say “Visitor” with an open area for additional information. The book also provides space for staff to write the visitor’s initials along with their entry and departure time. Recording every visitor helps make everyone aware of who is presently on school grounds and who has been on school grounds in the past. 


5. Parking Pass Hang Tag

A parking permit hanger is a great way to provide frequent visitors the opportunity to park on the school grounds. Print out a pass and slide the card in the protective sleeve; this protects the card from tearing or getting lost and displays the identification for the vehicle. The hang tag can be easily attached to a rearview mirror for easy display.

School security is vital to student and faculty safety, and with these 5 products, you can keep track of students and visitors with ease. Specialist ID can help you get the necessary tools for a safe and fun school day. Explore our visitor management supplies today for badge reels, badge buddies, and more!

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