5 Promotional Items Essential For Small Business Brand Recognition

5 Promotional Items Essential For Small Business Brand Recognition

For a small business, brand recognition means everything. It’s how repeat customers are made and how your name gets around in the community. The company needs to invest in brand awareness and recognition in order for customers to not forget the brand. Engaging social media posts and online marketing are a growing way any business can market themselves. 

When it comes to promotional items, having items that fit your brand is a great way to display your company or organization. Give some away at events and have people leave with a little reminder of their experience with you! Here are five promotional items essential for small business brand recognition.

Vaccine Lanyard

While the US ramps up it’s vaccination efforts, more and more people are being given their CDC vaccination record cards. If your company requires proof of vaccine card ownership, carrying a covid vaccination badge holder with a lanyard is an easy way to do so. 

Choose a color that matches your company logo for consistency in branding. Custom lanyards are available to design with several different colors and materials. 

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Badge Buddies

For instant identification while wearing an ID, look no further than badge buddies. These badges go behind your ID and display a bright color and title for all to see. Perfect for the healthcare space, many badge buddies are available in a variety of colors with “NURSE” or “DOCTOR” already printed. However, custom labels are available to design and fit your needs. Any identifier can be printed on to the badge, such as your company name or job title.

Mask Hanger

As masks remain a necessity in public places, the need for easily accessible masks is still prominent. If you find yourself being able to take your mask off during the day, clip it to one of our lanyards so it’s on you at all times! Don’t put it down on potentially dirty surfaces or in a place where you forget where it is. Having your mask attached to a mask hanger also gives your ears some rest from wearing a mask all day. When this useful item is given out, people will remember that your brand was able to help them with an easy fix.

Custom Luggage Tags

A great gift that anyone is likely to enjoy is a custom luggage tag! As travel increases into the summer months, people will surely find a new travel accessory handy! These tags can be printed with your company logo and many colors are available, including clear. The contact info sheet slides out so it can be filled with your name and address. 

Your brand will be seen on the tag wherever it travels to!

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Custom Badge Reels

Another great promotional item that is sure to get people talking is a custom badge reel. A square logo will perfectly fit on the face of this item and match one of the color options available. When given as a gift, people will find many uses for it. They can use it for their IDs or they can attach it to their car keys for daily use. When used in a business setting, employees will all wear their matching badge reels and have a unified look. Customers will recognize an employee right away. 

Promo items are a generous way to get the brand recognition your company deserves. Visit Specialist ID and get yours today!

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