5 Reasons You Need Better Visitor Management Products

5 Reasons You Need Better Visitor Management Products

Like all professional systems over the past decade, products and processes are rapidly changing in visitor management. Understanding the latest technology and implementing these innovations into your visitor management best practices in this environment is essential. 

Explore your options for visitor management products with Specialist ID. 

Promote Sustainability


One of the most significant reasons to invest in quality visitor management products is Specialist ID’s reusable visitor passes. These products allow visitors to write their name on their badge holder and clip it seamlessly to any clothing, all without sacrificing sustainability. Beyond helping the planet, investing in sustainable products is a significant money saver so that you can focus your efforts and funds on more important parts of your business. 

Advanced Visitor Control


Yet another evolved product in the realm of visitor management is self-expiring badges. With the use of self-expiring technology, you will be able to see the authorization status of each of your visitors immediately. After a period of about 14 to 16 hours, their visitor badge will disappear, in effect, expiring, so that they may not violate the timing of their visit. A self-expiring option from Specialist ID comes with an attached logbook that will help you gain a greater overview of your guests. 

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If you require regular, mass amounts of visitor passes throughout your business day, you will undoubtedly benefit from visitor management products such as the Tempbadge Visitor Management System. This product quickly prints desired badges at an average speed of five seconds per visitor, with reliably professional badges. The benefits can be seen in increasing productivity and efficiency when communicating with visitors. 

Easily Recognizable


A more straightforward option for businesses that operate on a more immediate level comes from Specialist ID’s visitor wristbands. These are stocked in varying blue, yellow, navy, and red, allowing you to distinguish types of visitors from each other and immediately recognize who is authorized to attend and who is not. As a result of its simplicity, this product is designed to fit around anyone’s wrist comfortably and securely. 

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Adhere to COVID Requirements


In the ever-changing world we live in, it is beyond critical for businesses to adhere to the latest COVID-19 requirements to protect their employees and customers and keep all the responsibilities of running a healthy business. With products akin to the 6-feet distancing badges sold on Specialist ID’s website, you are taking a step in the right direction of protection on all fronts and keeping your business open in 2022.

As you search through lists of business needs and required products, do not dismiss an investment in sustainable, reliable, efficient, recognizable, and modern visitor management products. No matter the needs of your business, Specialist ID has what you need. 

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