What is a Visitor Management System and Why is It Important?

A Visitor Management system is a way to organize the guests who visit your school or business in order to prevent violence or to have all their information on a database in case something happens while they are on-site. By processing guests and giving them ID badges at the entrance you increase security. Visitors’ identification cards act as a visual representation that they are permitted on the premises.

It is important to have a visitor management system because you are guaranteeing the protection of your employees, students and members of your organization.

We recommend a visitor management software that keeps a database with all the visitor’s information. A more traditional based visitor management system would be to have a book in which visitors sign in and jot down their driver’s license number. Security can then trade in their driver’s license for a company visitor’s card.

Then the visitors simply wears the badge that identifies them as such. This way security can identify who is registered to be on the premises and escort anyone out if they do not have an employee ID card or visitor card.

If any visitor engages in risky or hostile behavior you can refer to the visitor registration database and pass on the information to the police in order to report them.

Aside from the visitor’s id card every employee must have a photo id badge with a QR code to ensure the safety of the company or school. Photo Id cards facilitate the process of identifying members of the organization and helps the administrator at the entrance of the building recognize who needs a visitors pass.

4 Steps To A Visitor Management System That Works:

1) Make Custom ID Cards

Standard CR80 30MIL Blank White PVC Cards (Box of 500)

Every member of your school or company must have a badge identifying their name, photo, and business. With our blank white PVC cards, you can print all of this information for each member of your staff in order to maximize security and organize your company.

2) Provide Visitor Passes For Guests

Reusable Visitor Passes With Clothing Friendly Badge Clip

Hand these out to your visitors in exchange for their driver’s license. This way you have all of their information and security can give them access to the premises.
View the complete collection of our visitor passes here.

3) Get A Badge Holder For ID Cards

Premium Vinyl Vertical Two Pocket Badge Holder

Buy this badge holder for your staff to place their ID inside. This way they won’t lose their badges, keep it safe from liquid damage and have them accessible for security to view and facilitate management.

There are more high quality badge holders to choose from at Specialist ID! Select the one that best suits you by exploring our wide selection of pocket badge holders here.

4) Select A Lanyard To Hold ID Cards

In order to keep ID cards visible, you need to hook them onto a lanyard. This facilitates the process of giving access to members of the organization and makes it easy to scan QR codes.

At Specialist ID we make custom lanyards and we have the widest selection of lanyards online. View them here.
For guests, we recommend the Visitor Lanyard which comes in a bright red color that grabs attention and is distinguished from the rest of the lanyards due to the bold printed letters in white.

Keep Your Organization Safe With Specialist ID Visitor Management Supplies

At Specialist ID we provide visitor management supplies to keep your business, school or organization safe. With the right ID badge and lanyard, you can control who gets access to the premises and who doesn’t. Risk management is essential for the protection of your facility, invest in a Visitor Management System, Visitor ID Badge, provide photo ID badges to your employees and with the right security administration you can guarantee protection to everyone.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments, our customer service is ready to assist you.

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