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7 Helpful Tips For All The Teachers Returning To Summer School

Teachers in summer school have an important role to play in the development of their students. In the past year, school has been a challenge. Many students haven’t had the chance to be physically in their classrooms, and virtual learning has led to educational challenges for students and teachers alike. This summer school semester, celebrate the return to the classroom by getting everything you need for a fun and successful class!

Here are seven helpful tips for the teachers returning to summer school.

Remove or Cover Unneeded Posters

When you are in someone’s classroom for the summer, you might be in a room that is a different subject or grade than the one you are instructing. To avoid distractions, remove or cover up posters that are off topic so that they don’t take away from what you are teaching.

Offer Prizes and Gifts

Staying focused and diligent in class can be hard during regular semesters, let alone during summer vacation.To encourage students to not only attend class but also to give it their full attention and effort, consider giving away prizes like shaped erasers, small toys, or a face mask lanyard. Giving away gifts and rewarding progress in-between topics can make being in school a more positive experience. 

Wear a Heavy Duty Lanyard

Now that you are back in a classroom, wearing an ID on campus is very important. Replace your old and tattered lanyard with a heavy duty one. A heavy duty lanyard has wide and round fabric that is sturdy enough to wear everyday. The clip at the end is detachable, so you can easily remove your ID badge, keys or anything else you may be keeping on it. The back also has a breakaway feature, which comes undone when pulled so that you don’t get caught on anything.

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Have a Restroom Pass

For safety reasons, your school might require all students to wear an ID badge or hall pass when outside of the classroom or during passing periods. For a quick and easy option, this restroom key chain holder will work perfectly! It can be attached to the student’s lanyard so it’s visible while walking the hallways.

Use a Framed Badge Holder

This framed badge holder comes in a variety of options that are sure to match your school’s colors! It protects your ID badge from wear and tear, and can be attached to a lanyard through the hole at the top. When you have your badge in a sleeve, it lengthens the life of the card so that you won’t need to replace it as often.

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Put Access Cards and Keys Together

When you need keys to access a particular office, closet or storage space, you may find yourself with a handful between your badge or ID card and keys. Combine these essential items into one ID holder. You can slide the card into the rigid case, and attach your keys to the key ring. When you need to get books or paper from the storage room, it’s easy to grab and go.

Carry a Super Heavy Duty Key Chain

If you need a few more keys to open storage closets or access different rooms, consider a heavy duty retractable key chain. This key chain can hold 22 keys, and the kevlar retractable cord makes it easy to reach any place you need. The clip at the back can attach to a belt or the waist of your pants for convenient carrying. 

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