Why A Lanyard Will Help You Never Forget Your Mask Again

Why A Lanyard Will Help You Never Forget Your Mask Again

If you are ever in a rush to get out of the house to get to work or school, you know how easy it is to forget things. Even when we’ve had enough time to get used to bringing our masks everywhere, it’s an easy thing to forget. If you don’t have any extra masks in your car or bag, you’ll have to return home to pick some up. An easy solution to this unfortunate problem is to wear a lanyard! Attaching a lanyard to your mask will help you remember to always have a one on you at all times.

A face mask lanyard can clip to the ear loops of a face mask and hang around your neck like a normal lanyard. When you put on the lanyard with the face mask attached, it will be easier to not forget your mask while getting ready. 

While moving around in a public place, such as an office, there may be times when you’ll be able to safely remove your mask. When these times occur, a lanyard will keep your mask within reach and away from potentially contaminated surfaces. Normally, you might want to place your mask on a desk or stored away in a drawer when not in use. However, this causes the mask to be touched frequently, and without proper hand washing each time, germs can accumulate quickly. With a lanyard, just remove your mask and let it hang from your neck! No need to worry in order to scramble to find where you left your mask. If you need your mask quickly and at a moment’s notice, a lanyard will do the trick!

If you spend the day taking your mask on and off, you know that where you place it is important. If you forget where you place it and don’t have a backup, you will find yourself in a situation similar as if you left it at home. Since many places have ordinances where people who enter must wear a face covering, not having a mask is not an option for public places. At the end of the day, properly dispose of your single-use mask or put away your reusable mask to wash.

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An adjustable face mask holder is also a great option for long-term mask wearing. Tighten the lanyard to rest assured that your mask is secure on your face and ears. If you spend the entire day with a mask covering your nose and mouth, it can be tiring. Let the lanyard do some of the work and give your ears a rest. It is lightweight and adjustable to whatever length suits you.

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In order to keep your mask sanitary, you definitely don’t want to set it down on random surfaces like tabletops or chairs. Having a lanyard makes it much easier to quickly put on and take off without worrying if your mask will get dirty. And it makes sure you never forget where you put it!

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