Top 4 Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day

Top 4 Gift Ideas For Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect occasion for employees everywhere to be recognized and honored. There is nothing like a practical gift that serves as a tool to help staff continue to excel. Acknowledging your employees with high-quality gifts will not only increase morale and productivity but will also contribute to positive company culture. 

Give the Gift of Safety

Heavy Duty Breakaway Lanyard With Detachable Swivel Hook

One of the ways to show your appreciation is by gifting your outstanding team members with breakaway lanyards. Breakaway lanyards have a feature that enables the lanyard to snap apart if it comes under pressure, preventing your employees from being pulled or choked if the lanyard is grabbed or snagged. After the lanyard snaps apart, it can usually be snapped right back together; both the lanyard and your employee remain in one piece. With this simple yet thoughtful gift, you can ensure your employees, friends, or staff members understand that you genuinely care about their safety and comfort.

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Add a Little Color 

"RN" Registered Nurse Vertical Hospital ID Badge Buddy

Another must-have item is vertical badge buddies. Many name badges are not easy to read because they were primarily designed to work like identification cards. In the case of badge buddies, they serve a different purpose because, for instance, regulations specify healthcare facility workers should be easily identifiable to anyone at all times. Add a colorful badge buddy role card behind an existing photo ID, and both staff and patients will easily recognize who is who in a busy work environment. Aside from providing easy recognition at work, they add a sense of pride and belonging to any workplace culture. Badge buddies are customizable and can be personalized with distinct creative touches.

Give the Gift of Saving Time

A traditional gift to consider would be the Standard Non-Breakaway Lanyard. The standard non-breakaway lanyard with a metal swivel hook is one of the most popular lanyards worldwide and therefore makes a handy gift. The standard non-breakaway lanyard is a high-quality round braided lanyard with a nickel-plated metal swivel hook that can be attached to any slot-hole punched ID card or ID badge holder. Its simplicity and economical price make it the first option when exploring lanyards. These lanyards are also accessible with key rings to make your keys easier to find and access. Any employee would benefit from this time-saving gift. 

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Customize their Creativity

 Custom Printed Photo ID Badge

If you’re looking to show your appreciation for that one employee(s) that goes above and beyond, add a special touch by customizing your gifts. We all know photo ID badges help connect names and faces, making it easier for your employees to develop relationships faster. If your employees are encouraged to be personable with clientele, a personalized ID badge is a perfect gift! The sentimental touch of personalization will show your employees you care while at the same time allowing them to express their personalities.

Whichever gift you choose, rest assured, you can’t go wrong as all our products are quality made with care. Lastly, we encourage you to remember that through the act of gift-giving, you will be speaking the language of gratitude to your employee/co-workers. Use this day as an opportunity to re-establish the connection you already share and let this gift be a reflection of your bond.

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