5 Visitor Management Products for Your Next School Event

5 Visitor Management Products for Your Next School Event

One essential priority for any large event is maintaining the safety of everybody in attendance. With many people frequently coming and going, it is imperative to ensure that access is only permitted to people who have been thoroughly vetted and approved. Though it may seem daunting, with the right products and practices in place, the security of your next event will be a breeze. 

Your friends here at Specialist ID have all the products you need to heighten the security measures for your business operations, large or small scale. Here are some of our favorite products:

1. Reusable Visitor Passes

These Reusable Visitor Passes are a fantastic addition to any event, providing a sleek presentation of all visitor particulars. They provide adequate space for necessary information and are compatible with any dry-erase marker, which can mark specifics for each visitor. Their eye-catching red header clearly indicates guest status, and the 360-degree rotation makes them a functional and easily visible alternative to other passes on the market. As an added perk, they’re also clothing friendly, so they won't damage any of your guests’ favorite shirts and they can be added into any badge holder for some extra security. 






2. Self-Expiring Visitor Temp Badges

Looking for a product that manages itself? Try our Self-Expiring Visitor Temp Badges. These passes can be distributed at any conference or organization upon registration and can serve many different purposes. Companies can use them to facilitate parking or restrict some aspects of your event. Even better, they self-expire after 24 hours, so no one can slip through the cracks and gain entry without approval.



3. Volunteer Lanyard with Badge Set

To really step up your visitor badging system, try combining visitor passes with easily identifiable visitor lanyards. For example, you may be hosting a volunteer-led event at your business and need a way to differentiate staff from customers. This Volunteer Lanyard with Badge Set is an excellent addition! Because it clearly indicates volunteer status on both the ID badge and lanyard with a bright purple background, there will be no confusion when organizing your event, even when it is at its peak. 








4. Visitor Badge and Log Book

Guest log books provide a fantastic alternative to record keeping. Easy to use, these paper-based logs are a low-cost alternative that provides security to both guests and employees, even in the event of a power outage or internet malfunction. This Visitor Badge and Log Book allows for seamless tracking of hundreds of visitors, providing a one-stop record of pertinent information that keeps guest information secure. 









5. Non-Expiring Wristband Box

If you are hosting an event with multiple tiers or age groups, these Non-Expiring Wristbands are for you. You can take advantage of the numerous color options available in this design to further organize your event. Maybe you have several visitors coming to attend a conference for the restaurant industry that offers a variety of different items for consumption and purchase. To ensure no one underage is permitted access to alcohol or other age-restricted products, use these wristbands to signal what aspects of the event each group can participate in.





Need more product recommendations? Head to Specialist ID for more information on our visitor management collection or browse our other products such as badge buddies and badge reels.
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