3 Ways Breakaway Lanyards Are Evolving

The first lanyard to be mentioned in time dates back to the 15th century in France and was initially intended for military purposes. We’ve come a long way since then and now use lanyards in distinct workforces, which has allowed us to innovate the types of lanyards available to us. The option to choose from different styles of Breakaway Lanyards is beneficial to the kind of work your profession demands from you.

Continue reading to find out which are just a few of the different styles of breakaway lanyards available to you.

Stay Safe

Firstly, the original Safety Breakaway Lanyard includes a quick-release clasp, and these safety clasps come apart automatically if excessive pressure is applied to the lanyard. For example, if the lanyard is caught and you pull your body away from it, the clasp comes undone, and you no longer have to worry about removing it or tugging your neck. This is an important safety feature as it can save you from injury or getting caught in dangerous situations. Essentially the safety feature can be advantageous for the safety of any healthcare worker.

 Keep Your Essentials Close

Another type of breakaway lanyard includes hooks/claws at the end. The Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Swivel Hook has an attachment that opens and closes with continuous pressure, ensuring your cards/IDs stay on your lanyard, even when it’s being pulled. These swivel hooks can hold more than one card or other items like keys or USB drives. Keeping your ID cards visible will allow for easier work recognition, especially when on the move in the busy work environment. 



Secure It

Lastly, we have the most commonly used lanyard in healthcare facilities, the Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo. The badge reel combo feature is helpful due to its ability to properly secure your badge. Without the badge reel attachment, a person using a lanyard would be required to either remove their lanyard from their necks or unclip their ID card holder from their lanyard to swipe their card through an e-reader correctly. This feature is one of a kind and an extremely functional tool that has become one of the most beloved badge holders in the industry.





As you can see, lanyards with breakaway clasps can be handy and an essential part of your employee safety plan. No matter what kind of lanyards you use for your business, you want to buy a quality product. Specialist ID has been helping healthcare and office workers globally. Take a peek at our website to view any of these lanyards.

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