5 Ways to Improve Your Visitor Management

5 Ways to Improve Your Visitor Management

Taking your visitor management system to the next level is not as cumbersome as it may seem. Whether you're a nurse at a retirement home or a caretaker at a children's daycare, we know that patient safety is the number one priority.

Many elements play into managing this intricate system, and these have been upgraded to software systems in today’s age. But even though implementing these systems may be beneficial, there are some simple yet effective ways to boost your current visitor operations. Having a plan in place will be received well by visitors and make their visit safer and more enjoyable.

Below are five mindfully accommodating ways to fit into the improvement of your visitor management.

Invest in the Tempbadge Visitor Management System

TEMPbadge Visitor Management System

The TEMPbadge Visitor Management System is an easy way to print out labels differentiating the types of guests coming into your facility. By logging in visitors’ information on badge stickers that are instantly printed, everything runs smoothly day by day. Investing in a system like this will ensure that your guests feel their visit is being handled professionally.

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Offer a Variety

Reusable Visitor Passes with Clothing Friendly Badge Clip

Another essential item that aids in visiting interactions is Visitor Badges. These are valid after one day and allow each visitor to be correctly identified. Not to mention saving your receptionist a lot of time and focusing attention on other visitor needs. Badges offer an added level of security for both staff and visitors, ensuring that everyone knows who is who.

Create an Ambiance

Emotions are often tied to one's surroundings, and it’s hard to forget how you feel at a doctor's office or waiting room when the ambiance is relaxing and comfortable. Such details can be front of mind when you personalize visitor badges by adding stickers with the sought-after feeling. Creating an interactive experience allows the visitor to feel less anxious or worried.

Visitors pay attention to minor and major changes in their surroundings, and both wall colors and abstract art can be a delight for the eyes. Incorporate mellowing elements of flora and water in an area to enhance a sense of belonging—and guarantee your space will be remembered.

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Provide Parking Permits

Clear Rigid Vinyl Horizontal Parking Pass Vehicle Hang Tag Holder

Initially, each visiting experience begins in a parking lot, and anxiety is an emotion you want to prevent visitors from experiencing; therefore, implementing the daily use of Visitor Parking Permits is necessary. The payment system for having free parking can be shown on a dashboard. 

Students, residents, and government/city employees already have a lot on their hands, and parking should not be added stress but rather confidence before stepping into the place of operation.

Customize Innovative Wristbands

Non-expiring Wristband

Managing visitors is more complex than it sounds, and coordinating color-coded wristbands will visually make this step stand out. But consider other details, like adding barcodes to the bands that link the wristbands to your software system. The tracked amount of visitors and limited capacity will show here and give better insight into operations.

Details matter, and when it comes to monitoring the movement flow of people coming in and out of a building, you can never play it safe. Acknowledging your pathways of improvement is a good step in the direction of progress.

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