different ways to personalize your badge products

4 Ways To Personalize Your Badge Products

We all know the benefits of personalizing our work products. Deciding to personalize your products is not the hard part; by doing so, we create easily identifiable products whose tailored performance fits our specific work needs. The hard part is figuring out how and where to best personalize our products to optimize performance. But do not fear, Specialist ID is here to help you every step of the way with valuable products that can improve your professional experience.

Check out these four ways you can improve your badge products and, by doing so, up your productivity.

Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal


Talk about personalization! This badge product allows you to choose your base color from 20 options and decide what you would like your badge buddy to say. Distinguish your badge from the others and add a pop of color to an otherwise basic product. You can even go beyond the principal uses of a badge buddy and get creative with this product, turning it into a colorful label for each of your different items or even using the horizontal badge buddy as a label that determines and appropriately marks the stage of your projects or documents.

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Identity Stronghold IDSH1004-001B-002 Secure Badgeholder Classic


This product both secures your badge and stores it safely in a colored, polycarbonate case. With the choice between nine different colors, your ID badge will stand out amongst the others so that you can quickly and easily distinguish your badge from the rest. You don’t need to sacrifice its functionality; this badge holder is made of durable material that protects your ID badge from RFID scanning with an electromagnetically opaque sleeve.

Adjustable Breakaway Lanyards Great For All SIzes (2137-203X)


One of the most useful badge products is the lanyard, but they should not be overlooked or dismissed when it comes to personalization. With this Specialist ID product, the adjustable and breakaway lanyard, you do not need to choose your favorite function, just your favorite color. Choose from nine colors—and this personalization is just the beginning. After deciding on your color, the versatile design of this lanyard allows you to continue adding to its personalization as you encounter other products from Specialist ID.

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Carabiner No-Twist Badge Reel (P/N 704-CB)


When it comes to products that can easily attach to your personalized lanyard, this carabiner no-twist badge reel is a great place to start. This product can attach any badge product to more than just a lanyard as well. The clip can lock onto your belt loop, jacket pocket, or even your key ring. In addition, the no-twist technology allows you to take your badge everywhere while maintaining visibility. This product also comes in five different colors to further enhance the personalization of your badge paraphernalia, either streamlining your products to be color coordinated or creating a color pattern all your own.

Check out these badge products and more personalizable options on the Specialist ID website.
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