Here’s Why You Need Custom Luggage Tags

Here’s Why You Need Custom Luggage Tags

Vacation can go from fun to frustrating at a moment’s notice if you make it to your destination but your luggage doesn’t. There are plenty of opportunities for your belongings to be misplaced, stolen, or lost altogether, so it is crucial to ensure you can easily describe and identify your suitcase if needed. Using nontraditional approaches to tagging your luggage, like bandanas or yarn, runs the risk of it falling off or not holding up when tossed around in transit. 

Using a durable luggage tag is the only way to guarantee your belongings remain identifiable. But finding the right product to suit your needs can take time and effort. However, we can help with that! Keep reading to learn why luggage tags are essential and for some of our favorite recommendations.

1. Identifying Your Bag

It is undeniably a hassle to find your bag in the sea of luggage circling on the baggage carousel after deplaning. Luggage tags make it easy to identify your belongings, saving you time leaving the airport and adding to your relaxation clock. They also prove helpful if your luggage is lost or stolen, as they provide a distinctive quality to what might otherwise be another black suitcase in a mass of others just like it. 

This Luggage Tag Holder is an excellent product for marking your bag on your next trip! Attach it to a Loop Strap, throw it on your bag, and you’re on your way! For extra security add a matching badge holder to keep credentials like your ID with you at all times.



2. Show Off Your Style!

If you have a generic-looking suitcase, you aren’t alone. Luggage tags are a fantastic opportunity to show off your style! Eye-catching colors and designs on luggage tags can help you quickly identify your luggage and can also be a way to personalize your baggage. So, next time that plain black suitcase is on sale, grab it—then head to Specialist ID to make it your own. Add on a matching breakaway lanyard or badge reel for a little something extra.

3. Keep Things Organized

If you’re traveling as a family, you might be sharing a luggage set. It can create problems when trying to differentiate whose suitcase is which when the only thing setting them apart is a couple of inches in each direction. Luggage tags that come in a variety of colors are a great solution, allowing you to assign everyone a colored tag personal to them to attach to their suitcase. This will instantly sort everyone out, and, as a bonus, if you’re going on a trip that requires repeated verification of credentials, like a cruise, you can even pair these luggage tags with a lanyard to match in the same color! 

Try these Color Coded ID Tags! Available in six distinct colors, their semi-rigid design helps them stand up well to repeated wear and tear. Even better, they lock your information in place once inserted, so you don’t have to worry about your credentials getting loose.



To ensure your belongings stay safe and organized on your next trip, buy one of our luggage tags! For more vacation inspiration, check out our travel products page and blog.

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