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Clear Plastic Luggage Loop Straps 6 Inch - Durable Worm Loops (2410-2000)

Clear Plastic Luggage Loop Straps 6 Inch - Durable Worm Loops (2410-2000)

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  • Part number: 2410-2000
  • Clear Plastic Loop Straps
  • 6 inches Long
  • Flexible, Rugged, Hard to Break
  • Multipurpose Bag Loop Ties
  • P/N 2410-2000
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Clear Plastic Luggage Loop Straps 6 Inch - Durable Worm Loops (2410-2000)

Our standard 6" worm loops make it easy to attach any luggage tag or ID badge holder to your luggage, briefcase, backpack, lunch bag, student bookbag, and other bag handles. The loops are flexible and adjustable, allowing them to fit various sizes of luggage handles or attachment points.  Just slide one end of the loop through your tag and loop the other end onto your bag for a secure and tight fit.  Since it loops through itself, it cannot come off by itself and the rugged flexible design is strong and very hard to break. Their durability withstands the demands of travel and school use, ensuring long-lasting performance. Also being reusable and cost-effective, they are a great option for preventing damage to your luggage handle or tag, since they don't require piercing or puncturing.

For school uses, these loops aid in student organization by helping them locate their bags amidst the crowd, promote safety with attached contact information, and facilitate personalization. Apart from identification tags, these worm loops might also be used to attach small accessories, reflectors, decorative tags, keychains, or other functional items to the backpack.

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