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4 Add-on Products You Need For Your Badge Holder

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When it comes to your essentials, efficiency and effectiveness are often the top priorities. You may think that just having one product, like a badge holder, is the be-all-end-all. But there is always a way to take your essential tools to the next level. Here are four add-on products you need to upgrade your badge holder.

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen / Pencil Holder with Carabiner Clip

 If you are always on the go and need to keep tabs on your tasks, you will never have to worry about being empty-handed. The durable Retractable Pen Holder  with Carabiner Clip is a great tool that can hold pens, pencils, sharpies, fine tip markers, and whatever else you may write with. Often seen as an underrated addition to your essential needs, having a pen holder can provide a lot of convenience. When you have a retractable pen holder, you will always have a pen on you throughout your day—and you won’t need to waste time searching for one. You can clip this holder to your pant loop, bag, purse, or wherever it’s the most convenient. With its carabiner clip feature, it can even carry your badge holder or attach to your lanyard.

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen / Pencil Holder with Carabiner Clip SPID-3280 SPID-3280

Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool

Don’t let door opening, button pushing, and keypad pressing be a hassle; reduce your worry about contracting germs with the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool. This antimicrobial tool is great for handling daily interactions in a contactless manner. The large finger hole fits any size, and the thick construction provides comfort, even when pulling on a heavy door. For a badge reel combo upgrade, take a look at our Touch-Free Key Tool with Carabiner Reel, Keychain & ID Holder. The combination of the touch-free tool and retractable reel allows you to still carry your essentials such as keys, badge holders, and ID badges.


Custom Printed Badge Buddy

Function isn’t the only necessity for a badge holder. Upgrade your style with the Custom Printed Badge Buddy. With 20 colors to choose from and up to two lines of text available, you can create an entirely unique and instantly recognizable badge. The badge buddy is compatible with all standard-size ID badges and features a double-sided display window to make both sides of your ID or credential easily visible. There won’t be a need to remove it from its holder, and everyone will know who you are and what you do.

Custom Printed Badge Buddy Horizontal

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Custom Printed Badge Bottom

If you prefer not to have a separate badge buddy, then the Custom Badge Bottom is for you. Available in 20 colors, it’s like the badge buddy, and the customized text you select will be visible below the ID badge. The only difference between this model and the badge buddy is that it comes with an additional pocket for carrying your ID or other credentials, freeing up space on your lanyard. You will still be instantly recognizable and admired for your stylish badge holder upgrade.

Black Custom Printed Badge Bottom Vertical BBottoms-Black-V

You can always improve your essentials with just a simple add-on. Visit the Specialist ID website for more badge holders and other products.

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