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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Badge Reel

Our equipment, big or small, all work together to ensure we can do our jobs efficiently, effectively, and in style. Our occupation and needs set the guidelines for what our equipment should feature to get the job done. To choose the appropriate badge reels for your workplace or other organization, here is what to consider.

Identify Your Reason

What is your purpose for choosing a badge reel? Do you want a better alternative so employees can display their ID badges for easily visible security identification? Or do you want a cute accessory to bring a pop of style or personality to your look? There are many different badge reels, just as there are many reasons that you might need a specific badge reel. It is important to know the why behind your purchase before selecting a reel so that the one you select meets all of your needs.

Pick Your Style

Your badge reel should not feel one-size-fits-all. Luckily, badge reels have various styles and features to match your personality and character. There are a few types of reels to choose from:

  • Round: This is the most traditional and popular style. It is the best for customizing a company logo or picture.
  • Oval: Like the round reel, the oval offers more space for a longer logo, name, or picture.
  • Square: This style has the same functionality as a round reel, but it offers a more unique shape and flatter dimensions. 
  • Heart Badge Reel: This is a cute, fun way to add some personality to your uniform.
  • Carabiner Badge Reel: One of the most valuable tools, the carabiner features a carabiner clip and snap closure to easily attach to a belt, book bag, backpack, toolbox, or utility belt.

After picking the type of reel you love, you can choose its style and features. Choose from translucent colors, breakaway features, the attachment style, and so much more! The combination of choices for your ideal reel is vast, so you can find something to match your style.

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Make It Heavy Duty

Do you work in a rugged environment and need equipment guaranteed to last? Do you just want your gear to last, period? Try going heavy-duty. Heavy-duty badge reels have stronger cords made from nylon, wire, or chain link that attach to badges and feature reinforced straps. These high-quality reels are designed to withstand a more robust work environment and will work as hard as you do.



The Best End Fittings And Clips

The end fitting is what attaches your badge holder or ID card to the badge reel. Will you need a ring for multiple keys or a swivel hook to swipe and scan your ID badge with ease? The clip will allow you to attach your badge reel anywhere, such as your belt loop, shirt pocket, backpack, purse, or wherever you would like. How you need to use your ID card or badge and how secure and accessible they need to be will determine the type of end fitting and clip you will need.

Black Badge Reel with Belt Clip (P/N 2120-303X) 2120-3031

Knowing what you want will get you the right gear every time. Visit the Specialist ID website to view our wide range of badge reels, heavy-duty products, and more.
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