Why Government Workers Should Use A Magnetic Badge Holder

Why Government Workers Should Use A Magnetic Badge Holder

Government workers have a vital position to uphold. Their jobs are busy and require a massive time commitment to aid in our country’s success and safety. Working a government job requires handy identification that can be easily applied and quickly removed. Magnetic Badge Holders can do just that. They clamp together around a shirt pocket to present identification in a visible location and offer easy application and removal with a pull of the magnet. 

Play it Safe

Firefighters and police officers want to avoid lanyards to ensure there are no unsafe snags around their necks. This career involves risking their lives day in and day out. Adding in additional safety measures is necessary to keep our protectors safe. The magnetic badge holder is convenient to avoid hanging IDs around the neck or on the belt loop due to one magnet inside the shirt and the other outside. 

Be An Example

Access to government job environments may require a security check to enter the premises. This process can take time due to putting a halt in moving traffic. Employees may take a while rummaging through briefcases and purses just to find an ID. This hold up can cause teachers to be late to their class, which is not a good representation of being on time for their students. Visitor management and being on time are both critical. To help improve this issue, it is in a teacher and school’s best interest to invest in a Magnetic Badge Holder product.

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Make a Good Impression

All government workers want to make a great impression on their colleagues, leaders, and country. This hassle-free ID can keep an employee's reputation right where it’s wanted.

The magnetic badge holder helps by portraying professionalism in the workplace. 

Ditch the safety pins and use a magnet to stop unwanted holes in your attire. There is nothing worse than ruining a nice shirt. Add a professional and crisp form of identification to complete your look at work and keep your clothes looking good as new. 

The magnetic badge holder is long-lasting, unlike clips and safety pins that are prone to breaking. Storing your magnetic badge holder with other magnets, exposing it to heat, or flat out banging it with a hammer is the only way you’ll damage this sturdy product. 

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How It Works

The two-piece ID holder clips over the shirt pocket or coat lapel. The ID is presented on the front, and the magnetic attachment is hidden behind your clothing cloth. This product can be displayed with identification without using your hands to find it or readjust to be visible to others. 

The magnetic badge holder is low in cost and can be used for a very long time. We offer badge holders both horizontally and vertically and bulk discounts for companies needing to provide their entire staff with magnetic badge holders. 

Let Us Help You

Specialist ID is here to help you find the best magnetic badge holding options for your professional life. We are here to keep your ID intact and visible to others. Contact us today or visit our website to see the variety of options available to you. 

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