4 Tips To Improve Business Security

4 Tips To Improve Business Security

Business security can be the stuff of corporate nightmares. There are so many realms to defend. From cybersecurity to premise defense, internal behavior to privacy protection, small and large businesses alike have to remain on high alert when keeping their businesses safe. And 2021 brings even more reason for concern. According to Forbes, remote work increased 125 percent over last year. Maintaining security protocols both on-site and off is now even more difficult. Add to that the fact that bad actors, scammers, hoaxers, and hackers have gotten even more sophisticated. November’s giant data breach that affected government and private businesses is proof positive the need to be vigilant remains high.

So what can workplaces do to stay safe? In this guide, we’ll look at four tips to improve business security.

Train Your Staff on Digital Security

Here’s the hard truth, not everyone is equally digitally savvy. And like it or not, the onus of ensuring all staff is educated on cybersecurity threats falls to the business owner. So the very first thing you can do to improve your business security is to train your team. 

This can happen in a variety of ways. Required virtual tutorials are something even staffers working from home can do. Holding in-person courses with experts is another excellent option. Giving out quizzes to gauge your staff’s digital literacy is another way to determine how best to educate your staff.

But perhaps the best way to make sure your employees comply with security measures is to give them detailed protocols to follow. Clear instructions will ensure that everyone in a department or facility is on the same page and can help find red flags when security is breached. Making compliance mandatory also can be an additional firewall. Should someone fail to follow digital security requirements, management can implement HR steps to handle an employee’s behaviors.

Premise Security ID Badge Updates

Keeping the right people on a workplace campus and those who don’t belong out has become more challenging as business facilities expand. Because of this, more businesses are instituting work ID badges both for employees and visitors.

So how can you improve your ID program? Turn to Specialist ID. The leader in ID badge tools, Specialist ID, can outfit your entire staff with name tags, lanyards, badge holders, badge reels, and more. From an employee perspective, Specialist ID is the best place to find everything necessary to ensure your staff is within compliance with your ID badge protocols.

But to keep your business even more secure, identifying guests and visitors is equally important. With Specialist ID’s Visitor Management System, you can make sure every person who sets foot on your property is correctly identified. There are many options available on Specialist ID to institute a visitor management system. Some are as simple as name tags with self-expiring technology that indicates when a person is no longer allowed on site.

If you need a more advanced tool to identify and keep tabs on guests and visitors, Specialist ID’s Visitor Management System is ideal. This software not only prints self-expiring name tags, but it also collects data and can be used to create reports showing the number of guests over any given time. Test your facility’s safety protocols by cross-checking it with the data your Visitor Management System has collected. 

Use Secure Software

The term “secure” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to digital programs, but what does that mean?

Think of it as a traditional lock and key. Any old lock can be picked right given the necessary tools and the right criminal mind. But a fancier lock — perhaps a padlock, deadbolt, or combination lock would take a lot more effort to break. 

The same is true of software. Today there are all kinds of individuals looking to access company information. This can be ransomware or massive hacks. To protect your data, think about using cloud technology instead of backing up your data on a private server. 

Other tools in your tool bag?

  • Use watermarks to make your documents proprietary
  • Encrypt documents
  • Password protect EVERYTHING

Call in the Experts

Accepting that you don't know it all when it comes to cybersecurity is OK. In fact, it could save your business. Rather than trying to handle it all, knowing when to call in expert help pertaining to IT can make an enormous difference. 

Work with reputable companies that have experience in your industry to ensure that your business security stays safe. 

And in the same vein, approach physical security the same way. If you need onsite security measures like hiring security officers, work with the best. And when it comes to putting an ID badge program in place, don’t piecemeal the parts. Turn to the business that can handle all of your ID badge needs: Specialist ID.
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