4 Great Gifts for Nurses

4 Great Gifts for Nurses

We all know how tough it can be to be a nurse. Between grueling hours, long shifts, and difficult patients, they are responsible for keeping our spirits and heads held high and our health steadily improving. With their loving smiles and dedication to human quality of life, they deserve products that are just as compassionate and uplifting as they are. Thankfully, Specialist ID houses tons of high-quality gifts that are perfect for nurses!

Yoke Stethoscope ID Tags - Blank with Write on Surface (Cardio & Cardiology Compatible)

Yoke Stethoscope ID Tags

This stethoscope tag does more than just label your medical gear; it is also built for use in cardio and cardiology departments. With a tight and adjustable grip, this product attaches securely to your stethoscope without becoming an obstruction to your movement. This product lets you show some personality without getting in the way of your work. 

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2 Pack - Heavy Duty Medical Equipment Luggage Tags CPAP / BIPAP with Plastic Loops

2 Pack - Heavy Duty Medical Equipment Luggage Tags

For traveling nurses, this product makes the perfect addition to your luggage. This heavy-duty luggage tag will ensure you do not lose your property in the shuffle at the airport. The plastic loops help you attach it to any type of luggage, and it is built to last with heavy-duty technology. Besides keeping track of your luggage, this tag informs everyone of your bag's valuable contents and advises them to “handle with care.” By notifying others who may be handling your luggage of its contents, you can rest assured that your luggage will be taken care of. 

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

Heart Shaped Ribbon "Awareness" Badge Reel

Who wouldn’t want their badge reel to be heart-shaped with a relevant message? This ribbon “awareness” heart badge reel will show your support for those fighting breast cancer and works to spread awareness. In addition to standing for a good cause, this badge reel is made with integrity. Durable materials and the inclusion of swivel spring clip technology make this ideal for holding your badge securely for years to come. 

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Chevron Pattern Fashion Lanyard with Key Ring and Trigger Snap Badge Clip

Chevron Pattern Fashion Lanyard

This friendly chevron product is sure to brighten anyone’s day and liven up an otherwise dull uniform. This lanyard is fitted with a key ring and trigger snap badge clip, and it does more than just hang around your neck. By holding your keys and ID badge, you will only need to carry one product for all your equipment. This lanyard is also equipped with breakaway technology to prevent any injury due to lanyard pulling or catching. 

All nurses are special, and they all deserve fun and functional products that help them get their jobs done. 

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