Hit the Trails! Here Are 5 Hiking Products You Need on National Wildlife Conservation Day

Hit the Trails! Here Are 5 Hiking Products You Need on National Wildlife Conservation Day

Natural wildlife is easily one of the most overlooked sectors in today’s society. That is why days like National Wildlife Conservation Day are so important. Without the chance to reflect and appreciate the nature that surrounds and provides for us, we are missing out on one of the best parts of living on this beautiful planet. 

Help honor and cherish wildlife reserves near you with these five hiking products from Specialist ID!

1- Hard Plastic Badge Holder with Badge Reel - Retractable ID Lanyard Features Belt Clip & Carabiner

If you are worried about losing your identification cards and other helpful badges along your hike and are looking to protect them with a secure product, look no further. This combination carabiner badge reel works perfectly to hold up to three of your ID cards or badges tightly and securely to your person as you hike. With a clip at the top of the product, it can also attach to any lanyard you desire! 



2- Wide Lanyard With Detachable Key Ring 

This Specialist ID wide lanyard makes the perfect hiking companion. Equipped with a detachable key ring, this lanyard keeps track of your keys, badge holders, and other small gear, so you don’t have to. Relax as you hike with this lanyard companion that ensures you arrive at your destination with all the tools you need. 


3- T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether

Keep a solid handle on all of your hiking gear with this heavy-duty retractable gear tether by T-Reign. Light and retractable, the T-Reign gear tether flawlessly holds onto your gear and prevents you from losing any valuables while you look at the beautiful wildlife and nature around you. With its compact size, this gear tether is an addition to your artillery you will barely notice when it is not in direct use.


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4- Black EK USA Lanyard With Carabiner 

A carabiner with an attached lanyard is always a good idea when it comes to gathering the best gear for your next hiking adventure. This lanyard is entirely customizable to fit your specific hiking needs with detachable components. The keyring and carabiner will hold on to any items you need while you secure the lanyard around your neck for hands-free handling. 


5- EK USA Lanyard Plus with Detachable Soft End 

If the carabiner lanyard is not a good fit for you, perhaps this EK lanyard with a detachable soft end will do the trick! The soft end of this lanyard will secure to any gear, holding tightly and firmly to the item with enough give to remain comfortable. It’s a much-needed addition to any hiking uniform!



Whether you are taking on the hills to share some much-needed fresh air with the surrounding wildlife or for the sole purpose of getting out of the office, spending time in nature is an integral part of life. With these hiking products by Specialist ID, nothing is standing in the way of your nature adventure. 

Check out these products and more on the Specialist ID website!

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