4 Products to Improve Your Company’s Visitor Management Systems

4 Products to Improve Your Company’s Visitor Management Systems

Whether you’re hosting a take your child to work day, a trade show to illustrate new products in your industry, or a fundraiser for a great cause, visitor management is a must to ensure that things run safely and smoothly. In order to effectively assess and control an influx of oncoming guests, certain security measures should be implemented. 

Luckily, there are a few steps that can be taken to increase the safety of both guests and employees to keep your event running without a hitch. With the help of these products, heightening the security of your event will be a breeze. 


1. Establish a Visitor Badging System 

When managing a large volume of people, it is essential to verify their information regularly. Visitor ID Badges can help assist this process by having guest credentials ready to be verified at select checkpoints. 

These Reusable Visitor Badge Clips from Specialist ID are a great addition to any event, providing a sleek presentation of all visitor particulars. Not only do they provide adequate space for any necessary information, but their eye-catching red header and 360° rotation elevate them above their competition. As an added perk: they’re also clothing friendly, so they won’t damage any of your guests’ favorite shirts and can be attached to badge holders







2. Help Guests Stand Out! 

To really step up your visitor badge system, you can provide your guests with a means of transporting their credentials throughout the event. Not only does this help keep their vital information at the ready, but it also serves as a memento of their experience. A lanyard is a fantastic way of achieving this, as they are equal parts professional and practical. 

This Red Visitor Lanyard from Specialist ID provides attendees with an organized approach to ID verification. It is striking and extremely functional, allowing guests to easily access their required documentation in a snap. 






3. Keep Things Organized 

In the spirit of organization, guest log books provide a fantastic alternative to record keeping. Easy to use, these paper-based logs are a low-cost alternative that provides security to both guests and employees, even in the event of a power outage or internet malfunction. Additionally, some

even provide an identification badge to guests while simultaneously recording a duplicate in the books for your company. 

Specialist ID fits the bill for providing all necessary products for your visitor badge systems. Their Expiring Visitor Badge and Log Book allows for seamless tracking of hundreds of visitors, providing a one-stop record of pertinent information that keeps guest information secure. Moreover, they self-expire after 14 to 16 hours, so no further surveillance is necessary after distribution.



4. Cover All Your Bases 

When hosting a large gathering, particularly one that draws attendees from afar, parking is inevitably a concern. There are a variety of visitor pass solutions available for guests’ vehicles that help alleviate these concerns. One approach is providing parking permits to visitors who brought a car along with them. 

Specialist ID’s Expiring Hangtag Parking Permits make organizing visitor parking easy and secure. These clearly identify which vehicles belong to guests as opposed to staff and, similar to the log book and visitor badge combo, independently expire within a set timeframe. This allows staff to monitor who is permitted to be on-site at any given moment and ensure the safety of everyone involved. 







Security is vital when hosting events, and using the right security products will give all parties the peace of mind necessary to enjoy their experience. Implementing these steps is just one of the ways to increase security at your next big event. For more ideas and products from badge buddies to badge reels, visit Specialist ID!
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