5 Items To Get Your Office For National Salesperson Day

Without the hard work and dedication of sales teams, many offices would have no reason to exist! That is why celebrating your sales team is important for showing appreciation and recognizing their hard work. With National Salesperson Day approaching, there is an excellent opportunity to show your support for your sales team's hard work. 

Honor your sales team with these five ID badge holder products for National Salesperson Day!

1- ​​Clothing Protector ID Strap Clip with Rubber Tip, 2105-3170

With protector in the name, this ID strap clip makes the best gift for any member of your sales team who does not want to ruin their clothing with a harsh metal clip. It is the addition of a malleable rubber tip to the end of the otherwise metal clip that does not strain fabric, meaning your clothing is completely protected from any potential pulls or tears! 


2- Premium Breakaway Lanyard with Metal Swivel Hook 

These premium lanyards feature breakaway technology that prevents them from causing any strain to your neck. The swivel hook at the end allows you to attach any badge or small item your need to keep track of with ease. The comfortable design of this product makes it accessible and valuable to any employee. With the wide variety of colors this breakaway lanyard comes in, your sales team will be honored with a unique product just for them!


3- Thermal-printable Non-expiring Printable Adhesive Badges

Allow your team to create their own job title or otherwise labeled badge. These thermal-printable adhesive visitor badges also come in various colors that distinguish them from each other for individual and collaborative purposes. The non-expiring technology means that whatever badge your team creates will last, becoming a great addition to any event management or general office supply. 


4- Special Order Adult Size Face Mask Lanyard with Safety Breakaway Clasp

The addition of this adult-sized face mask lanyard to your team’s personal and group artillery provides your employees with added safety measures for maintaining a happy and healthy office. With a safety breakaway clasp, this product also protects the wearer from unnecessary neck strain. The lanyard doubles as a mask hanger as well, meaning your employees can hang their mask safely while eating or drinking without fear of misplacing it. 




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5- Retractable Badge Reel With Carabiner And Rotating Belt Clip 

Retractable badge reels are a valuable product around the office building, holding onto any identification products securely and keeping track of these valuable items. In addition to this primary function, the retractable badge reel comes with a carabiner and rotating belt clip for easy attachment to any size belt. Your sales team will thank you for gifting them such a versatile product!

Retractable-Badge Reel-With-Carabiner-And-Belt-Clip

Adaptable products such as these bring ease and comfort to your workspace, allowing you to spend more time on actual work and less time worrying about keeping track of loose items and your easy-to-lose valuables. With the help of these Specialist ID products, your sales team is sure to feel the love and appreciation you have for their hard work and long hours. 

Check out more supportive and versatile products on the Specialist ID website! 

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