3 Essentials For Your Next Music Festival

3 Essentials For Your Next Music Festival

Summertime means music and fun in the sun! If you're headed to your first music festival this summer or need a reminder on what products to bring, we've got you covered. Specialist ID put together a list of products to ensure you get the most out of your time at your next music festival. Of course, you'll need sunscreen, snacks, water, and bug spray, but there are some things you may not have thought about, like lanyards and badge holders

It might not seem like a big deal, but ID badge holders and lanyards are imperative to your music festival experience. Music festivals are exciting and thrilling, but it can be easy to misplace things and become disorganized in all the fun and excitement. That's where we come in. We have three essentials to keep your belongings and important items organized so you can dance all night without worrying. 

1. Face Mask Lanyards 

Face mask lanyards are a must-have accessory for any music festival attendee. Face mask lanyards help keep your face mask clean and readily available. They also offer a convenient way to keep track of your ID badge. Our face mask lanyard is made with two durable bulldog clips at the end of the lanyard fabric to grip your face mask securely.

You can choose from various colors to match your unique style and personality or go for something more sleek and professional. No matter your style, there's a face mask lanyard that's perfect for you. Besides being stylish accessories, face mask lanyards are also highly functional. They allow you to easily access your face mask anytime without rummaging through your bags.

Some events still require face masks. Keeping yours close at hand all day ensures you won't be denied entry because you lost it. Keeping your face mask clipped to your lanyard also ensures that it won't fall onto dirty surfaces to collect germs. 





2. VIP Lanyards

At a music festival, there are tons of people around you, and navigating your way around can be difficult. The event can become so crowded that it is challenging to keep track of other people. These VIP lanyards are a great way to keep track of your belongings and ensure you are where you're supposed to be. They offer special recognition to people that have purchased special VIP tickets, making it easier for security or authorized personnel to find and guide them.

Additionally, VIP lanyards grant the wearer access to otherwise inaccessible areas, such as the front row, VIP lounge, or reserved spaces. This VIP lanyard also includes a safety breakaway feature that snaps apart from the ID badge or event ticket if they get caught on something. So, if you're incredibly excited to see your favorite artist from the first row or bought backstage passes that you're eager to keep track of, VIP lanyards are the way to go. 








3. Large Event Badge Holders

This large event badge holder is perfect for music festival goers. With this sizable plastic badge holder, you don't need to struggle to keep track of your ticket or entry pass all day. This badge holder has 6" x4" dimensions and three slot holes for your lanyard, so it holds your passes and tickets easily and securely, ensuring your time at your music festival runs smoothly. Made with durable plastic, our hard plastic badge holder can withstand a day of wear and tear. Never worry about losing your ticket or pass again. 






We want to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your music festival this season. By using these essential products, you can keep all your things close by and ready for easy access and be easily visible so you can focus on having fun. Between fighting through the crowds and keeping up with your items, it is easy to get overwhelmed. That’s where we come in! So take advantage of all our products on Specialist ID today!

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