4 New Ways To Customize Your Lanyard

4 New Ways To Customize Your Lanyard

No one is excited to wear a boring lanyard that blends right into the background. Wearing one at work can be a great opportunity to express yourself! Take advantage of this opportunity and customize your lanyard to fit your style of expression.


These fashionable lanyards from Specialist ID are a great start for finding the custom lanyard of your dreams.


1. Breakaway Lanyard With Custom Slider and Detachable Swivel Hook

Have you ever thought of repping your brand around your neck? This breakaway lanyard comes with a custom slider and a detachable swivel hook for safety, comfort, and customization. The slider can be printed with whatever brand logo you desire, customizing your lanyard to fit your style and purpose. This is all without sacrificing the elements of your lanyard that make it so useful. The detachable swivel hook contributes to this product’s versatility, allowing you to restructure your lanyard to fit your daily needs. 



2. Knurled Thumb with Grip Clip

Grip clips are often forgotten as a crucial part of a good lanyard, but in addition to holding your badges, grip clips are a great opportunity for customization. This product comes in seven different colors and is guaranteed to help you “pop” around the office. Besides offering a pop of color, this innovative product features knurled thumb technology that allows for easy manipulation. This grip clip is made entirely of plastic and built to last, so you can bring your spark of color to work with you for days to come.  



3. Vertical Open Faced Plastic ID Badge Card Holder 

Another often overlooked component of a great lanyard is the ID badge cardholder, an additional place for personal customization. Attaching to the end of your lanyard by your grip clip, the vertical open-faced ID badge holder frames your badge and holds it upright for easy recognition and use. Beyond the practical uses of this badge holder, the product also comes in six distinctly colored options. Match the color to your grip clip, or make a contrasting statement. No matter what you decide, you are sure to stand out. 


multicolored-vertical-open-faced-ID- badge-holder

4. Custom Printed No-Twist Carabiner Badge Reel 

From start to finish, this carabiner badge reel has everything you need to stand out from start to finish. The frame, coming in your choice of black, white, pink, red, or blue, surrounds a customizable center where you can put any design. This badge reel is designed to fit you perfectly, all while maintaining its versatility and productive purpose. This product’s no-twist technology ensures that your badge reel will last and is rated for up to 100,000 pulls. The carabiner clip also allows you to latch the badge reel easily onto any lanyard you are wearing, making it the perfect addition to your product arsenal. 




Wherever you go, wear only the best around your neck. With each of these custom pieces for lanyards from Specialist ID, you will stand out with a custom lanyard designed with you in mind. 

For more custom products and lanyards, visit the Specialist ID website.

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