3 Products You Can Attach To Any Lanyard

3 Products You Can Attach To Any Lanyard

Anyone looking for a way to secure an ID badge, proximity card, keys, or cell phone needs a lanyard. Indeed, it’s one of the essential parts of this type of neckwear. There are many different types of attachments to choose from; in this blog, we will discuss how to make your lanyard more functional, with three types of products that individuals and organizations attach to their lanyards to make their jobs and lives easier.

Badge Reels
Coming in first on our list is the badge reel. Badge reels are versatile and allow you to conveniently reach your ID, keys, and small tools. They are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes and are a key piece of equipment for teams in a wide range of industries.

Companies can benefit from issuing badge reels to employees and contractors, as team members will be less likely to forget ID cards and will enjoy the ease of access to badges that get frequently used. Badge reels are designed to keep cards within reach (yet out of the way) to avoid interference with your work.

Lastly, a badge reel allows you to display your credentials safely at all times. Producing high-quality results starts with high-quality products, so don’t skimp on quality or utility when shopping for your badge reels. If you’re interested, we invite you to look at our 4 ways to improve your work performance with our high-quality badge reels.




ID Badge Holders

The second most popular (and necessary) attachment for your lanyard is the ID badge holder. Whether you’re a buyer for a large company, school, hospital, or employee, you need an ID badge holder. With various ID holders to choose from, you will be better prepared to dominate your work life.

A few popular ID badge holders include Armband Holders, Rigid Badge Holders, Neck Wallets, Oversized Badge Holders, and a myriad of others.




We all know how easy it is to lose documents; this item is a simple way to target the easy reach of everyday information cards and encourage healthy organization skills. Sealable badge holders offer a guaranteed piece of mind to ensure your badge is safely kept away from everyday dirt and stains. 


Badge Buddies

Coming in third on the list is Badge Buddies. While most popular in the medical field, Badge buddies are useful in various industries and are designed specifically to function alongside pre-existing staff ID cards to denote each individual's position. They are used by speakers, organizers, schools (to identify staff and volunteers), and even special recognition of employee achievements and milestones.

Badge buddies allow for easy identification of key hospital crew members, including nurses, students, doctors, RN, LPN, LVN, and more. By adding a colored badge buddy role card behind existing photo IDs, both staff and patients will easily recognize personnel, especially in a busy hospital environment. The color-coded badges make identification easy from a distance and customized to make employees stand out.


Whether you're an individual or an organization, Specialist ID has the lanyard accessories needed to boost workplace security, productivity, and morale. For these items and related products, visit the Specialist ID website.

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