4 Ways You Can Use Your Badge Reel in 2022

4 Ways You Can Use Your Badge Reel in 2023

It is not hard to take your badge reels for granted. Badge reels are often considered interchangeable background articles. But these products are essential. Producing high-quality results starts with high-quality products, so don’t skimp on quality or utility when shopping for your badge reels. 

Check out these four ways to improve your work performance with our high-quality badge reels. 

1. On your belt

Black Chrome Heavy Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip

A belt clip is a fantastic addition to any badge reel, allowing you to travel with your badge reel hands-free. Securely fastening onto just about any belt or belt loop, it can also clip onto fabric shirt pockets with great strength. These heavy duty badge reels are perfect for security or military officers with their rugged look and highly-rated protection. Still, no matter your job title, this product is a great option for mobile workers. 

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2. For your pens

Retractable Pull Badge Reel Pen / Pencil Holder with Carabiner Clip

Whether you work inside an office or outside, the chance your job requires you to hold onto a pen is high. That is why we at Specialist ID stay stocked with badge reel pen holders. Ensure that you are never without your necessary writing utensil by attaching it tightly and securely. The retractable nature of the badge reel also allows you to use your pen without removing the badge reel from your person. With this feature, you never have to worry about losing your pen ever again. 

3. As a carabiner

Carabiner Badge Reels

The beautiful thing about carabiner badge reels is that they marry the utility of a carabiner clip with the mobility of a badge reel, allowing you to attach your badge reel to virtually any place or other product without worrying about damaging or straining it. These badge carabiner clips are built to last and pair with heavy-duty materials to produce a long-lasting product. This variation of badge reel is ideal for anyone working in the restaurant industry or hospital employees due to its durability and versatility. 

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4. For your keys

Key-Bak Mid Size Key Ring Badge Reel with Belt Clip

In addition to securing your ID badge holders, badge reels are also great at keeping keys, small flashlights or pocket knives, and other tools on their attached key rings. You can hold upwards of six keys or ID cards, bringing the utility of badge reel products to a whole new level. This feature allows you to get full use of your badge reel and keep all of your essential items in one convenient place. Though anyone can benefit from using this product, these badge reels are ideal for drivers, security officers, or any employee who is on the go. 

Despite how we overlook the utility of badge reels, it is clear that they have much to offer. With these four badge reel uses, your employees will have everything that they need to succeed at their job. 

Take a look at these products and others on the Specialist ID website. 

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