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How to Select the Best Badge Reel

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Choosing a good badge reel may seem like an easy task, that is until you discover just how many different options and styles are available. You have to decide which reel is best for your needs based on what factors are important to you. Of course, the cost is always a factor that has to be considered, especially when you are either buying the reel for yourself or if you are equipping a large team in your organization. Different organizations, team types, and even individual team members will require different types of reels that are best suited to the unique requirements of their day to day lives.

The most common types are carabiner style, swivel clip style, non-swivel clip style, heavy duty styles, and of course our wildly popular Key-Bak brand of reels that come in a variety of sizes and options. No matter which is the best fit for your needs you know that we will always have them at a great price and provide you with fast and friendly service.

In order to help you make the best choice we have put together this quick guide. It covers the most popular styles of badge/key reels that we carry here at Specialist ID and the important features of each.

The Carabiner Badge Reel is our most popular style. Its combination of versatility and reliability, along with the ease of use of the clip make it a first choice buy for many buyers. The cord is super strong and is designed to last for thousands of pulls. It easily clips on to your belt loop, purse strap, backpack/nap sack/satchel, and even your favorite lanyard. The Carabiner reel is built to last and durable enough to withstand approximately 100,000 pulls. It comes in a rainbow of color options including basic black, translucent black, translucent blue, translucent red, and clear white. It's strong all metal clip at the top allows it to stay securely in place no matter how hard the unit gets yanked.

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Choosing a badge/key reel that features a belt clip with or without a swivel feature may be a great way to keep your badge attached to your body in a way that provides easy access while still maintaining a secure solution for carrying your badge. Depending on the type of usage that your keys or badge have, you may find one or the other firm to be better suited to your needs. In most cases, a swivel clip is the way to go, but there is a chance that you may personally find that the motion of the real on your body is distracting.

The 2120-303X badge reel with the belt clip also slips easily onto clothing, but the drawback here is that its static feature may cause the cord to wear out quicker because of its resistance if you are frequently swiping a reader that is higher than the reel. Since a swivel clip reel will swivel towards the direction of the pull, it will result in less wear on the cord. While the belt clip will have a stronger grip, the swivel clip moves more easily in the direction youre pulling.

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Key-Bak Badge/Key Retractor Reels are considered the best retractable badge holders on the market today. A big plus here is that they are made of the highest quality products and with pride right here in the USA. If you are in the market for a strong badge reel that provides you with long term durability and trouble-free usage, this is the one for you. KEY-BAK reels have been tested for over 400,000 pulls and include a lifetime manufacturers warranty. KEY-BAK reels have the strongest cords in the industry, made of either Kevlar (the heavy-duty models) or extra strength nylon.

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Heavy Duty Badge Reels are great if you need to carry multiple IDs, passcards, a larger waterproof case, or a lot of keys. These reels contain heavier and more durable springs that can hold more weight and have a greater retention ability. If heavy duty is not enough for your needs, then you may want to consider one of the larger Key-Bak reels that we carry which are rated for even more capacity and are ideal for more industrial applications.

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Now that you have a better understanding of what to look for when choosing a badge/key reel and are ready to place your order, we would love to help. You can contact us using our online chat system. Our staff is excited to be able to help you with your questions and to help you select the best reel for your needs. In addition to badge/key reels Specialist ID also carries a full line of other ID accessories and personal carry along cases for small items and documents. Once you place your order it will be securely processed and shipped out within 24 hours in most cases, and no more than 6 days for custom orders. Let us help you get started today, we can't wait to be of service for all of your ID badge and badge accessory needs.

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