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4 Things To Gift Parents Who Work In Healthcare For This Parents’ Day

The past year has been full of challenges and sacrifices for parents. From educating their children at home, to finding a balance between work and family time, parents are spread thin. The stress of the pandemic has taken its toll on us all, especially our frontline workers. Many of these courageous people stayed away from their families for extended periods of time to help others in need. 

National Parents’ Day is dedicated to celebrating the important role our parents have in our lives. Our parent doctors, nurses, and hospital staffers work around the clock to save lives every day. To acknowledge their bravery, here are four things to gift your frontline parents working in healthcare for National Parents’ Day.

MRI Safe Badge Reel

This badge reel is a thoughtful gift for your essential worker. Because it is not magnetic, it is ideal for MRIs and imaging rooms. This safety feature is a great option for MRI technicians and hospital staff because they won’t have to worry about removing or losing this badge reel throughout the day. The 360-degree swivel clamp clips on the back and is great for the neckline, pocket, or waistband on scrubs. The heavy duty cord has been tested to stand up to 76 pounds without snapping and can reach nearly two feet, so you can easily swipe your nametag or access pass.

EKG Themed Badge Reel

The heart badge reel clip is the most popular badge reel across the medical field. It is the perfect gift for frontline parents, and it symbolizes the lives they save daily. The rotating spring clip can be pulled in multiple directions and can attach easily and firmly to any clothing. It has even been rated for 100,000 pulls! 

Horizontal “Doctor” Badge Buddy

Give your frontline parent the recognition they deserve with the horizontal badge buddy. It is intended to be worn under the standard hospital ID badge and is surrounded by an orange border to provide instant role recognition for both staff and patients in a fast-paced environment. This badge buddy can improve patient and provider communication and reduce the confusion for patient family members who need to meet with a doctor during their loved one’s recovery. It is also double-sided to display the title, even if the ID is flipped around. 

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Orange "Doctor" Horizontal Badge Buddy with Orange Border BB-Doctor-ORANGE-H

Yoke Stethoscope ID Tags

Your favorite doctor can add their personal style to their equipment with the yoke stethoscope ID tags. Frontline parents can be as creative as they wish while staying secure and without being obtrusive. These ID tags can also limit the confusion about which stethoscope belongs to which doctor, and will help promote sanitary practices in the office. These ID tags are compatible with most stethoscopes including the Littmann Cardiology III and IV.

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The last year has not been a walk in the park for healthcare-providing parents. Their strength has been both inspiring and lifesaving. Send your favorite doctor back to work with something special.These small gestures—specialized for your heroic family member—can show that you are thinking of them. Visit the Specialist ID website to find more badge holders and badge buddies

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