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5 Ways Law Enforcement Officers and Police Department Personnel Can Customize Their Badge Holders

If you're a law enforcement officer or among police department personnel, you already know there's very little room for customizing your uniform. After all, the word uniform translates to "one form," meaning that sameness (uniformity) is the whole point. Whether we're talking about uniforms worn by law enforcement, fire departments, or sports teams, uniforms are identical because they indicate that those who wear them are united in a common cause. 

While it's a challenge to express your individuality in uniform, this has never stopped law enforcement officers and police department personnel from doing so. Whether that's through their hairstyle, eyeglass frames, choice of socks, or even cell phone accessories, men and women in uniform find small but significant ways to communicate their individuality. One of the easiest, most affordable, and most popular ways to express your personal style while in uniform is with custom badge holders. There are at least five options for doing this! Let's take a look at each! 

Vertical Vinyl Color Frame Badge Holder

You can add a splash of color to your badge with a Vertical Vinyl Color Frame Badge Holder. With seven different colors to choose from, you can decide which one hits the sweet spot of your personal preference. These vinyl badge holders allow for easy recognition from teammates or colleagues, especially in a busy office environment or in the field. It holds a standard credit card sized ID, security pass, or any other credential. 

2-Sided Multi-Card Holder

The heavy-duty 2-Sided plastic badge Holder is an ideal product to keep your essential credentials on you at all times. It too comes in seven different colors for expressing your personal style. (We know of men and women in uniform who like to buy at least several different colors to mix things up, depending on their mood. In fact, we know of one detective who changes his cardholder from blue to red when a breakthrough in a case is made.) On one side, this card holder features an open face to ensure your ID can be readily displayed at all times. On the other side, you'll find a closed compartment that can hold up to three ID cards or six business cards. The rigid plastic of this heavy-duty model prevents your cards from breaking or bending. And whether you prefer to keep your ID in your pocket or attached to one of our many styles of lanyards, it holds your IDs securely.

Vinyl Credential Neck Wallet

Field officers that are always on the move are big fans of our Vinyl Credential Wallet with Adjustable Lanyard. Its front and back feature a clear vinyl pocket for displaying a badge or credential pass, and it sports a pen holder for jotting down notes on the go. There's also a larger, zippered pocket that's perfect for storing small personal items such as credit cards, cash, a passport, or even a small pad of paper. The neck wallet can be custom printed with your name and rank or department insignia. Contact us for details.

Custom Printed Badge Buddy

To take your badge-holder customization and personal style to a whole new level, try our customizable badge buddy. With 20 colors to choose from and up to two lines of text available, you can create an entirely unique and instantly recognizable badge. The badge buddy is compatible with all standard-size ID badges. It features a double-sided display window to make both sides of your ID or credential easily visible without you ever needing to remove it from its holder.  

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Custom Printed Badge Bottom

If you don't prefer a separate badge buddy, then our custom badge holder with customizable bottom, available in 20 colors, is for you. Like the badge buddy, the customized text you select will be visible below the ID badge. The only difference between this model and the badge buddy is that it comes with an additional pocket for carrying your ID or other credentials, freeing up space on your lanyard.

Being in uniform doesn't mean you can't find cool, creative ways to express your individuality and personal style. Customizing something as simple as your badge holder allows you to stay true to the common cause that your uniform represents while also signifying your unique contribution to the mission you're there to accomplish! At Specialist ID, it's our mission to help you successfully complete ours! Check out our website to find more customizable badge holders, badge buddies, lanyards, and other items that allow you to "do you," in and out of uniform!

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